HPI on TF1: Mehdi Nebbou (Karadec) reacts to the end of season 2 on TV

Hpi on tf1: mehdi nebbou (karadec) reacts to the end of season 2 on tv

While TF1 broadcast the last episode of season 2 of “HPI” last night, Mehdi Nebbou, who plays Commander Karadec, returned to the final scene which delighted fans of the detective series.

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the last episode of season 2 of HPI broadcast last night on TF1. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Season 2 of HPI ended last night on TF1 with an episode that was still as crazy as ever, which allowed us to meet Morgane’s father (Audrey Fleurot) embodied by Patrick Chesnais. This eventful episode was also an opportunity for viewers to discover that Romain, Morgane’s ex-companion, whom she thought had been dead for several years, was alive and well.

A revelation which of course upset the mother who has never ceased since her disappearance to love the father of her eldest daughter. She then realizes that Romain (Xavier Hosten) knowingly chose to abandon it and, moreover, rebuilt his life in England.

This discovery plunges Morgane into utter disarray and makes her doubt that she will one day be able to find love and happiness. “Who could love me?” she says to Karadec (Mehdi Nebbou), who then tries to reassure her as best he can.

After an intense exchange of glances, the two companions exchange a kiss before looking at each other, looking blank. It is on this scene, eagerly awaited by the fans of the first hour, that this season 2 ends.

Behind the scenes of the kiss

Mehdi Nebbou returned to this cliffhanger scene in an interview with our colleagues from Entertainment TV. “I said to myself that it was too early and that we could still have kept some under our feet. But it’s true that this scene works very well as a cliffhanger.”

“I’m very curious to see what will become of it. Especially since Karadec has a girlfriend who has just had an accident.“, thus confided the comedian. “I said to myself but Karadec would never do that. The only explanation would be a moment of madness.”

In order to have the perfect sequence, Audrey Fleurot and Mehdi Nebbou shot the kiss scene several times: one where Morgane took the first step and kissed her teammate, another
where it was him and finally “one that eluded us where the two approach at the same time”.

And it is this that has been preserved. “We are clearly in Clair de Lune. The tension between the two characters, their attraction, is fundamental to this duo. It’s a very important narrative ground.”

It now remains to be seen what the consequences of this kiss will be in season 3 of HPI, which has already been commissioned by TF1. Will Karadec break up with Roxane to start a relationship with Morgane? In view of the first two seasons, everything suggests that it will not be as simple as that.

What future for the couple?

Asked by TV 7 Days on the question, Mehdi Nebbou confided that he does not yet know what awaits his character. “ The authors are working on the sequel and we all wonder where this situation will take us.

If the fans were delighted to see the kiss between the two characters, the actor still shared his doubts about the future of their relationship, in the event that it were to see the light of day one day.

Between us, you can imagine Morgane and Adam, as a couple! I sincerely wonder if it would last long. Since their love obviously cannot be expressed in a classic way, it will nevertheless express itself by being sublimated in a friendship which, for once, will be all the more rare and precious. It’s as beautiful as a relationship.”

I think, but it’s just my opinion, that we’re going to play around that. In my eyes, the difference between love and friendship is sexuality. In the end, even when you love someone, being friends may be the best solution. Even if the ideal is that the person you love is also your best friend. But it’s really very rare“.

We will therefore have to be patient to find out what awaits our two heroes in the next episodes of HPI.

The entire season 2 of HPI can be found on Salto. Season 1 is available on Salto and Disney+.

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