HPI on TF1: did you know that Bruno Sanches was the partner of a famous comic duo? – News Series

Currently on the bill for “The School of Life” and “HPI”, Bruno Sanches made a name for himself by disguising himself as a woman in a comic duo that has become cult today. Did you recognize him?

TF1 launched Thursday evening with great fanfare HPI, its new detective series on the way to becoming a real phenomenon since it broke, from its first evening, the channel’s audience records.

In this police comedy, Audrey Fleurot plays Morgane, 38, mother of 3 children of different fathers, with 160 IQs who will see her destiny as a cleaning lady turned upside down when her extraordinary abilities are spotted by the police. She then became a consultant and had to work with Adam Karadec (Mehdi Nebbou) and his team.

In addition to its two main characters, whose career is well established, HPI benefits from a cast of choice made up of Marie Denarnaud, Rufus, Bérangère McNeese and Bruno Sanches.

The face of the latter is certainly not unknown to you since the actor is also on the bill of The School of Life, the new series of France 2 currently on the air every Wednesday evening, in which he gives the reply to Guillaume Labbé. Bruno Sanches was also in the casting a few weeks ago of Je Te Promets, the French remake of This is Us.

But did you know that the actor, who started his career in TF1 series, had made himself known by playing the mythical Liliane in the humorous pastille of CANAL + Catherine and Liliane? For 7 seasons, the duo he composed with Alex Lutz, donned wigs and makeup to debrief every evening political, celebrity, television and sports news with a lot of humor and derision.

Hpi on tf1: did you know that bruno sanches was the partner of a famous comic duo? - news series

Augustin Detienne

Bruno Sanches (Liliane) and Alex Lutz (Catherine) in “Catherine et Liliane”

True success with the public, the series was a springboard for the two actors, who however saw their paths separate in 2019 when the shortcom was stopped.

If today Alex Lutz has pursued a career mainly in cinema, Bruno Sanches has him, chained the roles on the small screen by appearing in recent years in For Sarah, Munch, Têtard and I promise you.

Find Bruno Sanches every Wednesday evening at 9:05 p.m. on France 2 in The School of Life, and every Thursday evening at 9:05 p.m. on TF1 in HPI. Both series are both available in preview and in full on Salto.

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