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The actress, who makes the heyday of TF1 in the skin of the sparkling Morgane Alvaro, a gifted housekeeper recruited as a consultant by the police, analyzes the colorful look of this heroine like no other.

Invited in the show 50 Minutes Inside for the promotion of the HPI series, launched on April 29 on TF1, Audrey Fleurot returned to the singular look of the heroine she plays.

Morgane Alvaro, housekeeper and mother of 3, has a serious problem with authority, which prevents her from keeping a job for long. But above all, she has an IQ of 160 and exceptional thinking skills.

A talent quickly spotted by the police commander Céline Hazan (Marie Denardaud), who offered her a consultant contract … Which is far from delighting Lieutenant Karadec (Mehdi Nebbou).

Electric blue eyeliner on the eyes, faux fur, multicolored leopard prints and flashy jewels, Alvaro, always perched on high heels, does not go unnoticed, as much for her look as her outspokenness. An appearance totally out of step with the cold and sanitized environment of the Lille police station.

In the TF1 show, Audrey Fleurot (who marked the small screen in Un Village Français then in Engrenages), revealed her intentions behind the choice of the heroine’s look, her first leading role in a series.

I wanted there to be a good deal of bad taste, totally assumed, but also something of the order of comics, or downright of the superhero. Ultimately, it gives a Wonder Woman kind of costume. “, she explains.

It turns out that the characters that interest me are strong female characters, often autonomous. It never interested me to be the wife of …, or to be the female character who emphasizes the male character.

The bet succeeded for the actress, since the heroine with High Intellectual Potential, who has no tongue in her pocket, exceeded the 10 million viewers mark for her second week of broadcasting on May 6. A reccord of hearings for TF1, who had not reached these scores for … fifteen years.

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