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If you want a powerful machine from gaming PC deals you should be prepared to spend some serious cash, but luckily, some early Black Friday deals are already available so you can enjoy huge discounts. Here’s an offer from Best Buy that you should consider – the HP Omen 45L Gaming Desktop at $600 off, bringing its price down from $2,100 to $1,500. It’s still not cheap, but it really is a steal in terms of its performance. There’s no word on whether this deal will last through the shopping holidays, so you might want to finish shopping early to make sure you get the savings.

Why should you buy the HP Omen 45L Gaming Desktop?

Our roundup of the best gaming PCs recommends the HP Omen 45L for beginners because they’re readily available as pre-built gaming desktops, and they’re easy to upgrade. However, this doesn’t mean that the machine sacrifices performance, as it is equipped with a 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card, and 16GB of RAM. With these specifications, the HP Omen 45L is not only capable of playing the best PC games, but it is also ready to run the best upcoming PC games.

You’ve got enough space for several AAA titles with all their updates and DLC on the 1TB SSD of the HP Omen 45L gaming desktop, which comes with Windows 11 Home. The gaming PC also features a liquid cooling system that will keep it running at peak performance even after hours of playing, and it has multiple USB-A and USB-C ports so you can connect all the accessories you need.

The HP Omen 45L Gaming Desktop, a powerful machine that will be able to handle the needs of gamers, is available in an early Black Friday deal for $1,500 at Best Buy. However the $600 savings on the $2,100 sticker price may not last long, and once the offer ends, we’re not sure if it’ll be back for the shopping holidays. If you think the HP Omen 45L Gaming Desktop is perfect for you, you shouldn’t wait to buy it – go ahead with the transaction now to make sure you get it at its discounted price.

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