How to Throw a Birthday Party in Isolation | Style

How to Throw a Birthday Party in Isolation | Style
We really feel for all winter babies who have to celebrate their birthday locked out rather than going out for a slapped meal, throwing forms in a club or having a huge piss literally anywhere who doesn’t. is not your house. You might be away from most of your family and friends and you might need to make makeshift decorations from scraps meant for recycling, but thanks to the twin wonders of technology and delivery services, you can always make it an unforgettable birthday.
Birthday breakfast

Make a great breakfast spread by frying loaves of Barge House bread and the DIY bacon butty kits from Le Swine that come with it. Lockdown has apparently caused us all to drink alcohol, but it’s doubly okay to start drinking early if it’s your birthday.


For those who can’t join the party in person, you can send a whole bunch of birthday stuff home. Everyone loves a birthday balloon and Party On is delivering. The lucky recipient can then play a fun new locking game where they see how long they stay bloated. Send a card via Thortful or Scribbler and a large bouquet of very fresh flowers from Grace & Thorn, and give them a DIY kit for a gift to keep them occupied until their next birthday.


It’s not 100% a birthday if there isn’t a cake. You could make one, which would also be a way to pass the time; you could grab a Colin the Caterpillar on your next shopping trip (only if you live in an M&S store, you know the rules); or you can get a cake from Lola’s Cupcakes or a batch of brownies from Bad Brownie dropped off at your doorstep. If you really want to do it all, you can order a bespoke beauty at Adams Cakes – it has it all from a bowl of ramen to Sgt. Pepper album cover in cake.

Dinner and drinks

You cannot go out to a restaurant or bar, but you can bring them to yourself. Whether you want a ready-to-eat meal right away or are happy to do a little bit of kitchen work, you can always have a special birthday meal. Prepare a treat for the birthday boy or girl with one of these party craft kits or have a real chef who knows what he’s up to take care of it with one of these deliveries. If you want wine with your meal or if you prefer to hit the cocktails, you can also have them delivered.

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