How To Start A Gratitude Journal To Change Your Life

Gratitude brings joy and prosperity. Learn how to start a gratitude journal and how it will change your life.

I have always been a firm believer in journaling. But there are many types of journaling to fit different needs. Today, our guest blogger Sylwia from Mindful Hermit has brought you her favorite – gratitude journaling. Besides tips to make it work, she also shares how to do a gratitude journal and how gratitude journaling has changed her life. So keep scrolling and get inspired.

The power of gratitude is often underrated. It’s not just about learning to be more positive. Instead, it’s a different way of living and thinking that will bring prosperity and abundance.

And with gratitude journaling, you can change your life like it has changed mine.

How has gratitude journaling changed my life?

Before we get to the nitty gritty details about journaling, I want to share how it has changed my life.

Back in 2013, I was a full-time student and a mom to a baby girl. I also worked to pay bills. As a result, my schedule was always packed. And I had to get up each day at 4:30 am and work till late at night.

When you have three roles on your shoulder, it’s hard to leave any time for yourself. And very soon, the stress started to get to me. That was when I came across mindfulness and ways to practice daily. Although I didn’t know how to achieve a perfect life balance, I was sure about my goal: graduating with a First

But I had a goal: to finish university with a first honor degree and launch a well-paid job so I could support my family. So I decided to turn my goals into motivation and gave affirmations a try.

I made a list of affirmations as my journal prompts. And each day, as I journaled, I channeled the positive beliefs into words. It helped me to build the faith and confidence I needed to achieve my goals.

And guess what? With consistency, I managed to graduate in first class and also get an ideal job.

But my seemingly perfect life nose-dived in 2018. That year, I split with the father of my daughter. I became a single mom, and the transition was rough not only for me but also for my baby girl. Some days I would feel ok. But on other days, I had to deal with my inner insecurities, fear, and uncertainty. And I realized that I had to do what worked for me in the past – journaling.

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But this time, I journaled differently. I started to write a 5-minute Worries Journal in the morning and at night. It helped me to clear my head and to let go of things beyond my control. Shortly after, my fear started to fade away. I was no longer worried about my future life as a single mother. Instead, I focused on taking one step further and providing an even better life for my family.

My life was gradually back on track until 2020. The whole world was put to a pause when we found ourselves locked in our houses. At that time, the uncertainty of the future gave me anxiety. So again, I turned to my journal to seek inner peace and mindfulness. Journaling has changed my life once again as I started writing about things I was grateful for.

This gratitude journal opened my eyes to all the small things I took for granted. Amid the crisis we were going through, I found calm again.

In a word, journaling is not just writing about your day-to-day. Instead, you can do it intentionally with different intentions. For example, I’ve done affirmation, worries, and gratitude journaling in various stages of my life. They all worked wonders.

But among them all, gratitude journaling has brought me the most profound positive changes. And that’s why it has become my daily routine. It has cleared stress, negative self-talk, and damaging beliefs from my life. And I believe it will do the same for you.

So how do you start a gratitude journal and bring positive vibes to your life?

What is Journaling & Gratitude Journaling?

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Journaling refers to writing down your thoughts and feelings to reflect on them. There are no rules on how often you should journal. However, you will benefit so much more from a daily journaling routine.

Journaling can also be a helpful tool for dealing with mental health issues. For example, it allows you to freely express your feelings through words with no one there to judge you. It’s your safe place to open up.

There are many different types of journaling, such as reflective journaling, visual, travel or reading journaling, junk journaling, or the opposite – gratitude journaling.

Gratitude journaling is a type of journaling in which you write about positive aspects of your life. You reflect on everything you are grateful for, even as small as the air, coffee, and food on the table.

What are the benefits of gratitude journaling?

Daily gratitude journaling has many benefits if you are consistent. And they may include:

  • Improvement of your mood
  • Less likely to burnout
  • Better sleep and less fatigue
  • Building resilience
  • Better interpersonal relationships

How to start a gratitude journal for the best results?

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Journaling is not just about what you write but also how and when you write it. And according to my experience, journaling every day in the morning and evening brings the best results. And here’s why:

We have four states of brain waves with different levels of activity: Alfa, Beta, Theta, and Delta.

Alfa wave occurs when you are relaxed; Beta when you are active; Theta when you are about to fall asleep or just wake up;. And Delta waves occur in a deep sleep. And your subconsciousness takes in new ideas when your brain is in Theta waves, meaning it’s the best time to reprogramme your mind.

Gratitude journaling allows you to guide your mind in a positive direction. When you appreciate the small things and people around you, you feel more grounded and loved. And such a positive mindset will give you more energy and faith for whatever life throws you.

I have created a FREE PRINTABLE Daily Gratitude Journal for you, so you can crack on with your journaling straight away. It has two parts: morning and evening.

In the morning, write about the following prompts:

  1. What is your intention or goal today?


  1. Tell yourself one affirmation.


  • I am confident.
  • My efforts bring positive results.
  • I am worthy the way I am.
  1. How do you visualize today to be?


Today is going to be a productive day. First, I will reply to emails and make phone calls in the morning. Then, I will do my workout at lunchtime – back and chest today! For the bend-over roll, I am aiming for 40kg…

  1. What are you grateful for today?

Examples: Health/Family/Time to take care of myself…

Here are the prompts for the evening:

  • What are the great things that happened today?

Example: I met Mark in the office and talked about life priorities. Our short conversation boosted my mood for the rest of the day.

  • What have I learned today?

Example: I have learned a new back exercise at the gym. I will add it to my routine from now on.

  • How do I feel today and why? (paired with a mood tracker)

I feel accomplished because I have completed all my tasks today, and I am proud of my creativity and productivity.

You can also check out The Best Journals You Could Get For Yourself.

More tips to change your life with gratitude journaling

  • Be consistent and write every day. Set aside 15 minutes every day to write. Take your time and enjoy the process.
  • Keep the journal near your bed so you can use it first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening.
  • Let go of any judgment. Write whatever you want, whatever feels right for you. Remember, the journal is yours, and you don’t have to share it with anyone.
  • Think of journaling as a self-care activity instead of a chore, and be excited about it.

Final notes

There are many types of daily journaling, and you should pick one that suits you most, depending on your circumstances.

However, gratitude journaling is particularly powerful as it boosts your mood and helps you to see the bright side. And a little time each day will make a big difference.

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