How to Make Jack Skellington Wreath for Halloween?

Although not a fan of horror, Halloween becomes a major rager for me every year. The decorating colorful gourds, spectacular decorations around the house, mouthwatering food, and opportunities for doing tons of crafts. This year I dove into DIY Halloween crafts and created some easy and fun décor ideas for you to try your creativity. The first one up is a The Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired Jack Skellington Halloween wreath made from paper. Let’s gather the materials required and get to work.

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Ingredients You Need:

  • Wreath base
  • Scissors
  • Black, white and brown paper
  • Black marker pen
DIY Jack Skellington Wreath for Halloween
Image: Homecrux

Steps to Make Jack Skellington Halloween Wreath

  • I used entwined bundles of wires fashioned as a wreath base, then wrapped around with brown paper. You can use any wreath base of your choice.
  • Once the base is done, wrap black and white paper ribbons in alternating patterns.
  • Cut out a circle from white paper and draw Jack’s face from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” on it with the marker pen.
  • Glue Jack’s head at the base of the wreath with a collar. Cut out black and white paper bats and paste them around the wreath.
DIY Jack Skellington Halloween Wreath
Image: Homecrux

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And there you have it – a not-so-scary Jack Skellington wreath you can adorn your home with this Halloween. I added a few twigs with black and white paper bats to give it the Pumpkin King a more formidable look.

Check out the quick video below.

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