How to Make a Pumpkin Planter For Halloween

While most people prefer to have a Jack-o’-Lantern for their Halloween decorations, there is also a smattering of people who love to opt for pumpkin planters. These pumpkin planters can be plonked on the center table, placed over the shelf and are even suitable for porch decoration. In fact, there is no better place than the porch to poise the little floral arrangements which are then resting within the cut pumpkin.

The big challenge however is to pull off the trick. We introduce to you simple steps on how to make a perfect Halloween pumpkin planter. With the weekend arriving just before Halloween, you’d have plenty of time for your Halloween decoration. You should utilize this time to snap a pumpkin, knife, floral foam (available on amazon) and some flowers for your DIY pumpkin planter.

Whether it’s indoor Halloween decoration or porch decoration, you’d need to cut the top of your pumpkin and throw out the seeds and flesh (just like crafting a Jack-o’-Lantern.) Next step include you to cut the block of floral foam and place it inside the pumpkin. To those not familiar with the practice, floral foam retains water and keep your flowers hydrated for a much longer time. Make sure to add a little water each day if required.

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Once you’re done with the process, it probably time to display your flower arrangement. Add cut flowers to the pumpkin and display it in your front porch or place it over shelf for a beautiful Halloween-themed display. If you want to make a planter for potted plants, follow the step steps except filling the pumpkin with a floral foam and opt for potting composites. Juts make sure to drill some small holes around the bottom of the pumpkin for the water to drain.

Pumpkin planter with flowers
Image: Etsy/BesetunyLandry
Pumpkin planter for porch_2
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Pumpkin planter for indoor
Image: Inspired by Charm
Pumpkin planter for porch
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Pumpkin planter for porch
Image: Home Depot

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Make a Perfect Halloween Pumpkin Planter

  1. Cut pumpkin top

    First, cut the top of your pumpkin

  2. Clean it from inside

    Scoop out the seeds and flesh.

  3. Use foam to retain water

    Cut the block of floral foam and place it inside the pumpkin to keep the flowers fresh.

  4. Display your flower arrangement

    Add flowers to the pumpkin planter and display it in your front porch.

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