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Ask us what is the hardest style to master and it is undoubtedly eclectic. The style requires a special balance between the exciting and the understated, the modern and the timeless, the chaotic and the orderly; a task that demands patience, time and a constant fine-tuning of the space you live in. And before those uninitiated start to believe that their poorly put together and unattended living spaces are nothing but ‘eclectic’, let us tell you that the style has many subtle underlying features that separate a curated eclectic living room or bedroom from a cluttered interior without design direction.

Gorgeous backsplash with green patterned tiles
Image: Gina Sims Designs

The basics of eclectic style remain same irrespective of the influences used in the room. It could be a colorful celebration of Mediterranean and shabby chic influences or one that is far more somber with modern overtones all around. The styles and hues mixed within its confines amalgamate beautifully to create visual splendor while ensuring that each space feels personal and unique. Comfortable and classy, this is your guide to getting the eclectic style right in your home –

Eclectic Style Interior Design

It is important to remember that despite the optics of it all, eclectic style interiors are just not chaotic as they might seem when casually looked at. In fact, there is no room for chaos and clutter in here and everything is intentionally ‘mixed and matched’ to give you the illusion of an offbeat and unique space. Admittedly, this is not a style for everyone and you will truly discover where your eclectic roots lie over time. You just cannot rush the process of trial and error in here.

Modern bohemian style living space with bright pops of color and interesting art work
Image: Lucy Interior Design
Repetition of colors in the living room gives it a more coherent look
Image: Martin Safro Photography

A Curated Mix of Contradictions

Yes, there are varying bold colors and patterns that are cleverly combined inside the eclectic style. But make sure that all these divergent elements still have a certain common feature that binds them together. By all means, do use bright colors in here. But make sure that there are not too many of them and you repeat the colors throughout the space for a more coherent look. Chevrons, herringbone and wavy patterns also feel overwhelming when there are too many of these in a small space.

Modern eclectic living room with reclaimed decor
Image: Kailey J. Flynn Photography

Clear Out Clutter

When we talk about removal of clutter in the room, it goes beyond just a little spring cleaning initiative. Do not add or remove elements in the room randomly as you turn your modern living pace or bedroom into an eclectic space. Be it that flea market find in the corner, the giant potted plant thrown into the mix, the colorful couch or the live-edge coffee table – every element plays a vital part in the overall narrative. Each one has a story to tell and by adding too much to the setting, you take away from the most essential elements.

Textiles bring pattern to this modern eclectic bedroom
Image: Hide Studio

Mix of Colors

We already talked about staying away from too many colors in the eclectic space and that is even more important in the small kitchen, bedroom or the tiny living area. By all means, go with bold yellows, vivacious reds and brilliant blues to spice up the setting. But do not overload the space with multiple colors and pick a triad that you love the most.

Colorful throw pillows for the modern living room with eclectic bend
Image: Life Design London
Eye-catching use of purple, blue and yellows in the eclectic living space
Image: Forum Phi Architecture

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Restrained Eclectic with Neutral Backdrops

The idea of an eclectic interior has considerably changed in the last decade with modern influences being freely mixed with industrial, farmhouse and rustic elements. In fact, it is amalgamation of this modern and traditional elements that seems to give birth to the most beautiful eclectic homes. And the best way to get started in here is by keeping the backdrop as neutral as possible. This ensures the creation of an eclectic-style setting even with minimal infusion of bold color and pattern.

Bold red couch makes the biggest impact in this small eclectic living room
Image: Novo Design

Finding What You Love

Do not be swept away by the mix of colors and contour in eclectic style. The process of discovering what works for you in the space available and combining it with what you love is the hardest part of it all. Start off small by altering the accents and art pieces in the room to usher in a bit of eclectic flair. Once you are happy with the look, you can change the central décor and other fixtures in the room. The process will be slow and at times it would feel like you are moving two steps back with every step forward. But rules do not really hold in here and it is more about the ‘feel’ rather than strict norms.

Living space of Chicago Loft with indoor plants
Image: Rachel Loewen Photography

Think Beyond the Mundane

Eclectic style need not be frenzied and you can always go with a more laidback approach anchored in modernity and shabby chic. Irrespective of the path you pick, do try to add that ‘it factor’ to the room that turns it from boring to brilliant. Complete the room with dashing lighting that leaves no space for dull corners and you have a home that is both exquisite and exclusive!

Kitchenware adds color and contrast to this eclectic kitchen
Image: Pillar & Peacock

Eclectic Style Interior Design Inspiration

If you are still not sure about shifting to eclectic in your home, then here are a few gorgeous eclectic interior inspirations for each room of the house. From colorful and inviting living spaces to charismatic kitchens and functional home offices, these ideas should get you started on the right path!

Eclectic Style Living Room Ideas

Yellow and blue eclectic living room
Image: Kati Curtis Design
Upholstered furniture and rug add vivacious pattern to this colorful living room
Image: Kati Curtis Design

Eclectic Style Kitchen Ideas

Stylish eclectic kitchen with light pink cabinets and a green backsplash
Image: Wise Design & Remodel
Eclectic kitchen with chalkboard wall
Image: Daleet Spector Design
Colorful lighting and brick wall make a difference in this modern eclectic kitchen
Image: Etica Studio

Eclectic Style Bedroom Ideas

Eclectic and shabby chic styles mixed in the bedroom
Image: BM
Framed wall art above the bed makes an impact in this colorful bedroom
Image: The Spruce
Plastered and brick walls side next to one another in this eclectic bedroom
Image: Christmas Workshop

Eclectic Style Bathroom Ideas

Finding the right bathtub for the modern eclectic bathroom
Image: Emilie Fournet Interiors
Freestanding, colorful claw-foot bathtub for the eclectic bathroom along with a pattern-filled bathroom
Image: AW Design Studio
Wallpaper in green adds color and pattern to the bathroom in an understated manner
Image: Alison Kandler Interior Design

Eclectic Style Home Office Design

Eclectic home office with beautiful gallery wall
Image: Gina Sims Designs
Blue walls coupled with a plush rug and bright pink sofa for the modern eclectic home office
Image: Summer Thornton Design

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