Nothing is more frustrating than buying a video game that you thought you’d love only to find out it wasn’t that great. We used to be able to just share discs or cartridges to try out games with friends. Luckily, it’s still possible to share games with friends or to try out games that your friends own, even if you only have a digital copy. With PlayStation 4 and a little finagling, you’re still able to gameshare with friends. This allows you to share your library of titles with friends and family.

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How to gameshare on PS4

This walkthrough will teach you how to gameshare on PS4. In the simplest terms, it allows you and another person to connect your libraries of games purchased on the PlayStation store and to access them collectively with fewer restrictions attached. For this process, you will only need access to a friend’s PS4 and your main account info.

1. Start by logging in to your PlayStation Network account on a friend’s console.

2. Select Settings in the main PlayStation 4 menu.

3. Next, select Account Management.

4. Then, select Activate as Your Primary PS4.

5. Finally, select Activate. You may need to deactivate your own PS4 console as the primary console to do this. Keep this in mind if you’re having trouble making this PS4 your primary console.

You should now have access to all of the games in your library available to play on your friend’s console. The titles will still have to be downloaded onto the PS4 hard drive, but there’s no need to sign back into your account on that PlayStation. If you are exchanging access to your digital game libraries, have your friend or family member complete steps 1 through 4 on your PS4.

Warnings and precautions

Be aware that if you ever need to make any significant changes to your account or user settings — for example, if you upgrade to a PlayStation 4 Pro — you’ll have to redo the whole process. The person you’ve shared your account with will need to deactivate the device as your account’s primary PS4 system for you to properly set up your console. Due to this very fact and the personal nature of account sharing in general, we strongly advise to only share accounts with close friends or family members. After your new console is ready and updated accordingly, the above process can be replicated to set up gamesharing once more.

You can also deactivate a console remotely by using the PlayStation account management tool in your web browser in the case of any unforeseen circumstances. However, this process is allowed only once every six months. Keep in mind that if you don’t have access to your primary console, other users who log in to your PlayStation 4 won’t be able to access your digital library of games. You’ll also be out of luck playing PlayStation Plus titles if your internet goes down, and won’t be able to access cloud saves.

You can share your account with an unlimited number of people but you can only perform this process, which allows you to play the same game on two consoles at the same time, with one other person. If you try to hook up three friends, for example, and all four of you want to play a game together, your account will be flagged and blocked. So, be extra careful not only in who you decide to share libraries with but also in how many people have access to it.

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