How to DIY Balloon Pumpkins for Halloween?

Pumpkins, pumpkins all around, big and small oval and round! This nursery rhyme is perfect for summing up fall; Halloween, in particular. The favorite season of many, fall is here and we are getting ready to celebrate the spookiest night of the year, i.e. All Hallows’ Eve. Pumpkin being the star of the show is a quintessential sight during the holiday season, be it pumpkin carvings, painted pumpkins, DIY faux pumpkins, or no-carve pumpkin décor.

We came across DIY balloon pumpkins by Mavigadget on Pinterest, and this is sure to beat all of the abovementioned pumpkin decoration ideas this Halloween. These cute, miniature pumpkins are made from cotton-stuffed balloons. You can create vines of these orange dots to be used as Halloween garlands or adorn various settings.

You can make them at home within a few minutes with a handful of material. Grab dozens of bright orange balloons. Cut the balloons around the neck. Then, fill the body with cotton and tie the neck with a golden string that you will use to make the ribs. Once the string is in place, you can make the stem by wrapping the string around the balloon neck. In the end, wrap green floral tape to complete the feel of the stem and vines.

You can add these cute little squashes to your Halloween trays, around your table centerpiece or sprawl them around your Halloween outdoor decorations. So what are you waiting for? Get to work and create these DIY balloon pumpkins to add whimsy and fun to Halloween decorations.

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