How To Cook Sunny Side Up Eggs

Eggs are a staple breakfast food in many households, and one of the simplest ways to prepare them is to make sunny side up eggs. This classic preparation involves frying eggs in a pan with the yolks intact and the whites slightly set. Sunny side up eggs are rich in flavor and go well with various dishes, including toast, bacon, and hash browns.

If you have never made sunny side up eggs before, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of cooking perfect sunny side up eggs every time. We’ll also answer some commonly asked questions about sunny side up eggs.

How To Cook Sunny Side Up Eggs

Here are the steps to follow when making sunny side up eggs:

1. Equipment: To make sunny side up eggs, you’ll need a frying pan, a spatula, and some butter or oil. Non-stick pans are the best for cooking eggs as they prevent them from sticking to the surface.

2. Heat the pan: Place your frying pan over medium heat and let it warm up for a few minutes. Once it’s hot, add some butter or oil to coat the pan surface.

3. Crack the eggs: Carefully crack the eggs into the center of the pan. Be sure to crack them gently to avoid breaking the yolks. If you’re cooking more than one egg, make sure they are spaced apart evenly.

4. Cook the eggs: Let the eggs cook undisturbed for about 2-3 minutes. During this time, the whites should start setting around the yolks. If you prefer your yolks fully cooked, cover the pan with a lid for an additional minute.

5. Checking doneness: To check if the eggs are done, gently nudge the pan and see if the yolks jiggle. If they are too runny, cook them for another 30 seconds to a minute.

6. Serve: Once the eggs are done, use a spatula to carefully remove them from the pan and onto a plate. Season with salt and pepper to taste and enjoy with your favorite breakfast sides.


1. Can I use oil instead of butter to fry my eggs?

Yes, you can use vegetable or any other cooking oil to fry your eggs. However, butter gives eggs a rich flavor that oil cannot match.

2. Can I add cheese to my eggs?

Of course! You can add grated cheese to your eggs towards the end of cooking. Wait for the cheese to melt before serving.

3. Can I flip my sunny side up eggs?

No, you should not flip your sunny side up eggs. If you flip them, they will no longer be sunny side up eggs but instead become over-easy or over-medium eggs.

4. Can I cook sunny side up eggs in a non-stick pan?

Yes, non-stick pans are the best for cooking eggs, including sunny side up eggs. They prevent eggs from sticking to the pan surface and make it easier to flip or remove them from the pan.

5. How do I store leftover sunny side up eggs?

Sunny side up eggs are best served fresh. However, if you have leftover eggs, store them in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two days. Reheat them by placing them in a microwave or oven and heating them until they are warm.


With these simple steps, you now know how to cook perfect sunny side up eggs. Remember to use a non-stick pan, butter (or oil), crack your eggs gently, let them cook undisturbed, and check for doneness before serving. Sunny side up eggs are a tasty and versatile breakfast food that pairs well with other dishes. Be adventurous and add some bacon bits, cheese, or herbs to your eggs for a twist on the classic preparation.

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