How to Change Your Skype Name

There comes a time when most of us need to change our Skype name, whether you’re now using the video-chatting app for more professional interactions or simply have grown out of our original name choice.

This guide will walk you through exactly where to go in your Skype settings to switch your name. Make sure to make a respectable choice this time, though, so you don’t have to do it again next week. (Not a Skype fan? These other VOIP services and clients are worth considering, too.)

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Changing your Skype account name

How to change your skype name

When you first sign up for Skype, you are assigned an account name which you can change at that time, or leave as is. But if you created your account years ago without paying much attention, you may be stuck with the autogenerated version, or a name you don’t like very much.

First, the bad news: You can’t change this name. The name associated with your account is permanent from when you first started your account, and Skype won’t let you alter it at all.

But you can choose to create a new account entirely. In fact, creating a new account may actually be the best solution for some users, especially those who are starting to use Skype professionally or who may want a separate Skype account for business purposes. Here are several important steps to consider:

Step 1: Don’t delete your old account. In fact, these days it’s rarely possible without also deleting your entire Microsoft account, which is something you want to avoid. Instead, look into creating a second Skype account. Skype allows this as long as you have a second Microsoft account to use.

Step 2: Begin by creating a new account for Skype. This is functionally the same as creating a new Microsoft account for yourself. If you already have a separate Microsoft business account, you should probably use this here. If not, you’ll need a second email address or phone to make a new account.

Step 3: Follow the steps for making this new account. When it comes to your Skype account name, make sure you choose something appropriate for the purposes of this account.

When finished, remember to keep your two Microsoft accounts separate and sign in or out of them as is necessary.

If you’re less concerned about your account name and more about what other people see, though, then you can always change your display name. That’s much easier.

Changing your Skype display name

How to change your skype nameYour display name is the name that appears under your profile picture, the name that everyone else in Skype chat will see. In many cases, this is the only thing users really want to change, and it’s a whole lot easier than changing your account name. Here’s what to do.

Step 1: Log into Skype. In the main window, click on your profile picture (also, if you’re aiming for a more professional Skype identity, you may want to consider changing your pic while you’re making these others changes, depending on what you’ve chosen).

Step 2: You will now see your basic Skype profile info. Look to the right, where you should see a stylus icon – this is the edit button for your profile. Select it. Depending on the platform you are using, the Edit profile button may look a little different, but it will be there.

Step 3: You will now be able to edit information on your profile. Click on your display name, and change it to whatever your want – your business name, for example. Then click the checkmark on the right to save it. That’s it! Your new display name will now show up for all your Skype chats.

If it’s been a while since you’ve used Skype/Microsoft and you really can’t remember your username to sign in in the first place, then choose More sign-in options at the login page. Here, look for the option that says Forget my username. You can provide other details of your Microsoft account to sign in. If you forgot your Microsoft password, there’s a process to retrieve that as well.

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