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A prepared job seeker has thought about questions that will be asked during the interview. One of them could be: “Why are you leaving your job?” When thinking about an answer to this question, think about how the interviewer can interpret that answer.

It’s important to be careful about how questions are answered during the interview because if it’s not properly framed, it can be interpreted negatively and costs you the job opportunity.

There can be many reasons why you want to leave your job. You could be:

  • You hate your boss
  • You are bored at work
  • You want more money
  • You want more challenge
  • You do not want to work in this specific area or in this branch
  • Or a number of other reasons

Whatever your reason, it is not always appropriate to tell the potential employer. Think of an answer that will impress the employer, but still turns out to be an honest reason.

Here are some tips to help:

Give a positive answer to the question

Communication during an interview should always be positive. First, you can talk about the great opportunities that have been offered to you and how much you have learned through your current employer before you give your reason. Employers like to hear such things because you are professional and respectful of your existing employer, even though you have made the decision to continue. Regardless of your actual feelings and work situation, you should never speak badly of the company or your employees.

Don’t stick to what your current employer doesn’t offer

There can be several reasons why you want this Leave your current jobHowever, you do not have to provide information about what is not offered to you. The reason for this is that potential employers can interpret this as measures you can take when hiring them.

For example, instead of saying, “I no longer feel challenged at work,” rephrase the message and say, “I’m looking for new X, Y, and Z challenges that I can see.” You then focus on the experiences and skills that you have to offer to further impress the interviewer. If you rephrase your answer this way, the employer is less likely to take the information and interpret it negatively.

Focus on the future

Talk about what you’re heading for – what you want to experience and achieve continue to grow professionally. It works best if you can also determine how the potential employer could offer this to you. If you respond in this way, the employer will be informed that you are a person who wants to improve yourself and that you have a real interest in the company due to the specific offer. It tells the employer that you are someone with great recruitment potential who will dedicate himself to him for a reasonable period of time.

“Why are you leaving your job?” is only one of many questions You will be asked during the interview. Know how to respond positively and design it to inform the employer Why They fit perfectly to make sure you stay in the race for the job, and you get to the next phase of the interview process.

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