How The Fourth Dimension Influenced WandaVision

How the fourth dimension influenced wandavision

Among the many influences that we could guess in the Marvel / Disney + production, WandaVision showrunner Matt Shakman was particularly inspired by the cult series The Fourth Dimension in this scene which he deciphers in video.

With WandaVision, the first series from Marvel Studios, Disney + wanted to make an original proposal to subscribers: black and white episodes directly inspired by old American sitcoms, references and winks assumed to contemporary series thereafter (Malcolm , Modern Family…)… But what is certain is that she has not finished revealing all her secrets.

In an interview given to Variety, the showrunner Matt Shakman – surrounded by Elizabeth Olsen and the costume designer Mayes C. Rubeo – notably decrypted in video episode 1 of the series (to be discovered below, from 8 minutes 30). He explains in particular how The Fourth Dimension influenced the final scene, in which the world made from scratch by Wanda begins to show signs of weakness.

The camera changes angle, the light is different. The work on the sound too… The pressure begins to rise around the table, we start to hear a clock, the wind and all those noises that we would hear in a movie at the cinema. The cameras become subjective, they no longer film from an outside point of view, like a play. They start to move little by little towards Wanda and Vision, like in a movie of the Coen brothers, or the Fourth Dimension, to build up the pressure.

At the same time, the teams worked on the visual, adding shades of black (like in a Hitchcock) and on the music, more oppressive than ever. What create a feeling of unease and strangeness, with an unexpected fall, so typical of the SF series.

A subtle change of scenery (the appearance of two windows) behind Vision (Paul Bettany) makes viewers understand that we have just changed reality, until this climax where the Avenger manages to save Mr Hart by plunging his hand into her throat… A second later, we are back in the wonderful world of the sitcom, as if nothing had happened …

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