How I Became a Superhero will finally be released on Netflix

How I Became a Superhero will finally be released on Netflix

Scheduled so far for a theatrical release on May 12, Douglas Attal’s superhero film will finally be released on Netflix

The streaming giant does not stop recovering private films released at the cinema. The news has just fallen for How I Became a Superhero. Douglas Attal’s film, which enjoyed a nice buzz after its first press screenings, will never win the big screen.

It is Netflix which officially announces it via its Twitter account:

From July 9, Netflix subscribers will be able to discover this highly anticipated film, with a very enticing cast made up of Pio Marmai, Vimala Pons, Leïla Bekhti and Benoît Poelvoorde.

While a gradual deconfinement is announced by the government – for the moment and without certainty in mid-May – we still do not know on what date and under what conditions the cinemas will again be able to welcome the public.

Shanna Besson / Warner Bros. France

This announcement foreshadows the arrival on streaming platforms of many other films, with more fragile production and already risking a lack of visibility during a back-to-school bottleneck when the cinemas reopen.

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