How I became a superhero on Netflix: an explosive trailer for the French blockbuster

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Expected on July 9 on Netflix, How I became a superhero by Douglas Attal is revealed in an explosive trailer. The French blockbuster brings together an exceptional cast and promises muscular action scenes.

Available from July 9 on Netflix, How I Became a Superhero unfolds in an explosive trailer. This long-standing project for Douglas Attal, who unveiled it in 2015 at Comic-Con in Paris, brings together an exceptional cast for a highly anticipated French genre film.

Combining a universe of superheroes and a detective thriller, How I became superhero follows the dangerous but epic investigation by Lieutenants Moreau (Pio Marmai) and Schaltzmann (Vimala Pons) into the proliferation of a mysterious drug that is spreading among young people and which gives them superpowers.

Even if the supermen are trivialized and perfectly integrated into the society depicted in the film, the prohibited substance causes havoc and multiplies the incidents which will make the investigation of Moreau and Schaltzmann more difficult than expected.

To hope to find the person in charge who calls himself Naja (Swann Arlaud) and dismantle the traffic, the two lieutenants will ally themselves with former vigilantes, Monté Carlo (Benoît Poelvoorde) and Callista (Leïla Bekhti). But that’s not counting Moreau’s dark past that comes to the surface …

As a reminder, How I became a superhero is an adaptation of the novel by Gérald Bronner, who also collaborated on the script for the feature film with Douglas Attal and the writers Mélisa Godet, Charlotte Sanson and Cédric Anger.

The film was initially due to be released on the big screen, but the health crisis turned everything upside down. It is therefore on Netflix that the public will be able to discover How I became a superhero.

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