How Can You Tell Us Your Age Without Actually Telling Us Your Age? People Responded.

Here’s how I’d answer this question: I was still a young boy when the Chicago Bears last won the Super Bowl.

So now you know just about how old I am, right?

How would you tell someone how old you are without ACTUALLY telling them?

Here’s how folks on AskReddit responded to that question.

“When I was born, VHS tapes were still popular and by the time I became an adult, virtually no one was still buying brand new DVDs.”

“Old enough to have used a floppy disk but young enough to not understand what it was.”

“Don’t remember a time before the internet.

My first real experience with coffee was with pumpkin spice lattes since I can’t stand non-sweet coffee.

Adventure Time was still going when I was a kid. Mental health is a topic people my age talk about a lot.”

“Columbine was my freshman year of high school and 9/11 was my senior year of high school.

Memorable bookends.”

“We had one corded phone in the house when I was a kid, and you stood in the kitchen if you wanted to call someone.”

“I saw the movie Grease three times in the theatre.

The last two times just to see Olivia Newton John in black spandex.”

“I shopped at Border Books.

They always had way better customer service than Barnes and Noble.

I’d go in there every once in awhile with no plan whatsoever and the people behind the counters always gave me awesome recommendations that were always great reads.”

“You could call me by dialing 4 digits if you lived within a couple of miles.

If you were farther away, you had to dial 0 and ask the lady to place a long distance call.

Long distance was very expensive.”

“I remember in middle school when I couldn’t play online and have someone on the phone at the same time.”

“I was born in the Soviet Union.

It still existed for a couple of years…”

“I watched Star Wars in the theatre and discussed it with my elementary school friends. We were arguing if it was better than Disney’s “The Black Hole” or not.

Also one of them said that Darth Vader had to wear his suit because he fell into a volcano. I believed him but had no idea where he came up with that idea. Eventually I figured he just made it up.

Decades later when “Revenge of the Sith” came out I sat in the theatre and when a certain scene came on, my jaw dropped and all I could think was “No f**king way… “”

“Planning a trip to anywhere with a physical map and looking up my classmates’ numbers in the Yellow Pages.”

Now you tell us your age without telling us your age!

Do it in the comments!

Thanks a lot!

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