Household scenes on M6: why do the characters have no last name?

Every evening at 8:20 p.m. on M6, the five emblematic couples of Scènes de Ménages follow one another on the small screen. But if the public now knows by heart the little quirks and characters of José and Liliane, Camille and Philippe or even Raymond and Huguette, and the way their respective love stories began, the mystery still hangs over the last names. characters since the creation of the shortcom in 2009.

Scenes of households

Scenes of households

Released on

November 9, 2009



Scenes of households

Gerard Hernandez,
Marion game,
Marion game,
Frederic Bouraly,
Frederic Bouraly

So, involuntary forgetfulness or a deliberate choice on the part of the creators of the series? The site Leisure TV asked the question to the artistic director of the series, Mathieu Laurentin. “VS‘is a choice of the creator of the series, Alain Kappauf. Giving a family name to the characters would be giving them a kind of life, like real fictional characters. And we don’t want to anchor them in a total reality. Basically Liliane is Liliane, José is José, and so on “, he explains.

No need for a surname for the stars of the shortcom, who are thus only designated by their first names in the pastilles broadcast each evening. “When they get mail, this is addressed to Madame Huguette or Monsieur Raymond “, continues the artistic director. “Or when a courier comes to deliver a package or an EDF technician shows up unexpectedly at one of the couples, it is always their first name that is put forward.”

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