Household scenes: new couple, life changes … what does season 13, which begins on M6, have in store for you?

“Scenes of households” returns this evening on M6 for a season 13 not to be missed! In addition to confronting Huguette, Raymond, José, Liliane, and the others with new challenges, these new episodes welcome a sixth couple, Louise and Jalil.

Replaced throughout the summer by En Famille, Scènes de households returns this Monday 23 August at 8:30 p.m. on M6 for an unprecedented season 13 more than ever placed under the sign of novelty. With the program, for the heroes of the successful series, professional retraining, nervous breakdowns, or even new unexpected responsibilities.

But viewers will also discover this evening Louise and Jalil, a new couple in their thirties who decide to change their lives by coming back to settle near their invading families in order to allow Louise to take over the family restaurant and make her dream come true.

New challenges for the star couples of Scenes of households

As for the five couples already well established, this thirteenth year promises to be rich in twists and turns and inevitably funny situations.

Still in a shared apartment with Maeva (Laura Calu), Huguette (Marion Game) and Raymond (Gérard Hernandez) must replace their former concierge at short notice, the time to find a replacement. To the chagrin of their neighbors, who will soon understand that this new occupation will allow the two retirees to spoil their daily lives even more.

While her father is still squatting in their garden, Liliane (Valérie Karsenti) sees her nerves strained by the construction of a building right in front of her home. As for José (Frédéric Bouraly), one of his eccentric ideas is finally bearing fruit. Commissioned by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, he must submit a report on the use of methane, from cow’s farts, as a new source of energy!

Household scenes: new couple, life changes... What does season 13, which begins on m6, have in store for you?Jean-Philippe Baltel / NOON / M6

While Fabien (David Mora) is thinking of making himself available to think about a possible professional retraining, Emma (Anne-Elisabeth Blateau) is suddenly the victim of a “bad buzz” at Bricoflex.

To relax, she starts climbing and goes so far as to build a real wall at home, in the barn. But another bad news awaits him: Séverine, Fabien’s ex, has just joined the team of teachers from the college where the History-Geo teacher works.

Camille (Amélie Etasse) and Philippe (Grégoire Bonnet), for their part, welcome Dylan (Valentin Pinette), the son of Camille’s brother, who is in prison. The opportunity for the couple who oppose everything to test their parental authority on a rather … agitated child.

At the same time, Philippe took it upon himself to win the presidency of the country club, while Camille’s women’s football team met with great success at the regional level.

Finally, for Léo (Vinnie Dargaud) and Leslie (Claire Chust), it’s a radical change of life that promises to be since, for the first time, they will now have to pay rent! Faced with a hefty judicial reorganization, Leo’s parents are forced to resell their apartment but nevertheless negotiate that their son and Leslie can stay there.

The young couple must therefore come to terms with a nasty new owner (Urbain Cancelier) and with a real rent which falls every month. Which means it’s high time to find a job …

Household scenes: new couple, life changes... What does season 13, which begins on m6, have in store for you?Patrick Robert / M6

A sixth couple arrives in the series

Played by Claudia Mongumu and Ryad Baxx, who thus landed their first recurring role on television thanks to Scènes de households, Louise, 32, who is destined for a career in banking, and Jalil, a 34-year-old firefighter, are in a relationship for five years and have known each other since college.

A little too suffocated by the proximity of their respective families “slightly” invading, they finally thought to emancipate and put distance by settling in Paris. But when Jalil’s father announces the sale of his old café-restaurant, located in their childhood neighborhood in full gentrification, for Louise it clicks. She convinces Jalil to take advantage of the windfall to use her gift for cooking and start her own restaurant.

While Louise will attempt this new start, Jalil, to help her achieve her goal, gives up the prestigious status of Paris firefighter for a post in the brigade of their provincial town of origin. Louise and Jalil thus reunite with their families, their friends, the hassles and the household scenes that go with it … To the delight of M6 viewers who will be able to revel in the adventures of this new couple tonight.

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