Household scenes: meeting Louise and Jalil, the new couple in the series [VIDÉO]

Household scenes

On the occasion of the launch of its season 13 on M6, “Scenes of households” welcomes Louise and Jalil, a brand new couple this evening. Meeting with Claudia Mongumu and Ryad Baxx, the interpreters of these two endearing thirties.

After a few weeks of absence, summer break obliges, Scènes de households makes its big comeback this evening at 8:30 p.m. on M6 for a season 13 unlike any other since these new episodes will be marked by the arrival of a sixth couple alongside Raymond, Huguette, Liliane, José, Emma, ​​Fabien, Camille, Philippe, Léo, and Leslie.

Played by Claudia Mongumu and Ryad Baxx, two actors still unknown to the general public, Louise, 32, and Jalil, a 34-year-old firefighter, have been in a relationship for five years and have known each other since college.

Tired of having to live daily near their somewhat intrusive families, these two thirty-something finally thought of emancipating themselves and putting some distance by settling in Paris. But when Jalil’s father announces the sale of his old café-restaurant, located in their childhood neighborhood in full gentrification, for Louise it clicks. She convinces Jalil to take advantage of the windfall to use her gift for cooking and start her own restaurant!

While Louise, who was destined for a career in banking, begins a new chapter in her life, Jalil, to help her achieve her goal, gives up the prestigious status of Paris firefighter for a post in their city’s brigade. provincial of origin. Where Louise and Jalil find their families, their friends, the shit and the household scenes that go with it.

On the occasion of the launch of this inevitably somewhat special new season of Household Scenes, we spoke with Claudia Mongumu and Ryad Baxx, the interpreters of Louise and Jalil, who introduced us to their characters and returned, with humor. and good humor, on their first day of filming and on their meeting with the other actors of the series.

Starting with a certain Gérard Hernandez who, even before the announcement of their arrival was known to everyone internally at M6 and the production of the series, immediately welcomed them into the large family Scenes of households.

Discover our interview with Claudia Mongumu and Ryad Baxx, the two new recurring actors of Scènes de households, in the player above.

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