Household scenes: everything about the new couple who landed at the end of August on M6

Season 13 of “Household Scenes” will be broadcast from Monday 23 August on M6 and will be marked by the arrival of a sixth couple in the series: Louise and Jalil, played by Claudia Mongumu and Ryad Baxx. We tell you all about this new pair.

After taking a well-deserved vacation this summer and giving way to En Famille, Scènes de households will be back on Monday 23 August at 8:30 p.m. on M6 for an unprecedented season 13 which will be marked by a big novelty: the arrival of a sixth couple in the series!

Raymond and Huguette, José and Liliane, Fabien and Emma, ​​Philippe and Camille, and Léo and Leslie, the last duo to date which had been introduced in season 10 following the departure of Cédric (Loup-Denis Elion) and Marion (Audrey Lamy ), will be joined by Louise and Jalil, a couple in their thirties played by Claudia Mongumu and Ryad Baxx, who thus land their first major role on the small screen thanks to the series.

Who are Louise and Jalil, the new couple from Scenes of Households?

Together for 5 years, Louise, 32, who is planning a career in banking, and Jalil, a 34-year-old firefighter, have known each other since college. A little too stifled by the proximity of their respective families “slightly” invading, they finally thought to emancipate and put distance by settling in Paris.

But when Jalil’s father announces the sale of his old café-restaurant, located in their childhood neighborhood in full gentrification, for Louise it clicks. She convinces Jalil to take advantage of the windfall to use her gift for cooking and start her own restaurant.

While Louise will attempt this new start, Jalil, to help her achieve her goal, gives up the prestigious status of Paris firefighter for a post in the brigade of their provincial town of origin. Louise and Jalil thus find their families, their friends, the shit and the household scenes that go with them … For the greatest pleasure of the viewers of M6 who will be able to get to know them from the start of the school year and can already discover a first sketch featuring them in the player above.

Household scenes: everything about the new couple who landed at the end of august on m6Patrick Robert / M6

An important couple on French television

If it is not yet this year that Scenes of Households will introduce a gay couple within its character gallery, the successful shortcoming of M6 still makes an effort of diversity and commendable representation – and especially important in a series that wants to be representative of society – with this new mixed couple since Louise is of Congolese origin and Jalil of Algerian origin.

“It is a pride to be French among many others who have diverse origins”, Claudia Mongumu recently told us in an interview to be found online soon in its entirety. “For the couple it’s not really a question, they grew up together, that’s normal. What’s funnier for the parents, because Jalil’s family would have preferred Louise to be of the same origin. It creates a lot of comical and funny situations. But it is one characteristic among many others for the couple, it is not central “.

“But I put myself in the viewers’ shoes”, continues Claudia’s interpreter. “Me, as a child, growing up, there was not necessarily a representation of a certain France, of a certain form of diversity. So it’s great to be able to participate in that. And in that way, with a lot of intelligence, nuance, complexity, and humor in the writing. Because the starting point of all this is to make people laugh. And the authors accompany us well to carry out this mission..

Passionate characters … and omnipresent relatives

Beyond their origin and their skin color, Louise and Jalil will also bring their share of novelties, in order to bring things to Scenes of households that differentiate them from other couples already present and which were not necessarily present in the series until today.

“They are already a couple in their thirties, and there were none left in the series”, explains Claudia Mongumu. “They are a couple who are experiencing a new beginning. They are both passionate and together they decide to return to the place where they grew up to support Louise in her wish to open a restaurant. It is a lot. This is not nothing. They also represent an era. A youth who is more and more in passionate professions, in the choice of independent professions “.

And as we can already guess from the pitch of the presentation of the characters, their respective families will play a really important role in their daily plots. “They also bring this idea of ​​omnipresent family. And that we did not necessarily have in other families”, says Ryad Baxx. “The relationship to tradition too, whether in Louise’s family or that of Jalil. We have rarely seen that too. And then it was friends who ended up forming a couple. And here again it is. new”.

And the good news is that viewers should quickly get to know this entourage, which is already shaping up to be colorful: “The characters of Jalil’s father and Louise’s mother are already well characterized and we will see them a lot. Louise and Jalil also have two friends with whom we have already toured”, already tease Claudia Mongumu about the episodes of this thirteenth season. “There are also cousins, neighbors”, continues the interpreter of Jalil. “Expect some crowds in this space (laughs)”.

See you at the end of August on M6 to discover this new couple in pictures and follow the rest of the adventures of Liliane, José, Raymond, Huguette, Emma, ​​and the others.

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