Staying in a houseboat in Alleppey is a picturesque experience. Floating on the calm backwaters, passing through lush mangroves and beautiful scenery, accompanied by the scent of coconut and the beautiful scenery, is nothing short of a dream.

Catering to travelers with varying budgets, these houseboats have long been popular in Alleppey. The perfect balance of essential amenities and luxury, these houseboats are a whole new experience in themselves.

Let’s take a virtual tour of these famous houseboats to get an idea about the experiences, facilities, dining options, cost and many other offers associated with them; So that your Kerala tour becomes flawless!

Houseboats in Alleppey – an overview of accommodation

Amazing views around the houseboat in Alleppey

Coconut groves and expanses of paddy fields make beautiful avenues for houseboats in Alleppey. The rich cultivation and wild greenery on both sides of the backwater is simply mesmerizing. Even though it is a popular tourist attraction in Kerala, the hoopla is subdued by the inherent tranquility of the backwaters. Peace and tranquility enter your heart in this soul-soothing environment.

The earthy aroma and cool breeze are the perfect ingredients for any day. Occasional rains create an aura of relaxation and tranquility. Moonlit nights create the perfect environment for stargazing. The chirping of birds and the waves of water make for a lovely background music. With so much leisure promise, houseboats in Alleppey are for those who love nature, peace and spending some uninterrupted time.

Popular Routes and Types of Houseboats in Alleppey

A causeway for houseboats in Alleppey – surrounded by lush greenery

Types of Houseboats in Alleppey: Most tourists choose private houseboats (yes, there are two types) and the length of stay is 1D/1N. During this period, houseboats float in the backwaters only for a few hours. The rest of the time (which is from around 5-6 pm till morning) they remain standing in water.

Shared houseboats are where you share a larger houseboat with another couple or family. Such houseboats are not that popular and are actually chosen in case of low budget.

Popular routes: There are 5 popular routes that offer a mesmerizing glimpse of the dazzling backwaters of Kerala.

  • Alleppey – Vembanad Lake Region – Alleppey
  • Alleppey – Kumarakom – Thottapalli – Nedumudi – Alleppey
  • Alleppey – Kumarakom – Alleppey
  • Alleppey – Alumkadavu
  • Alleppey – Champakulam – Chennamkari – Kainakari – Alleppey

Experience: As per your plan, if a houseboat in Alleppey is going to be your abode amidst the mangroves for a day – there is a lot you can see, experience and absorb. From the visually beautiful landscapes to the nuances of the lives of the natives, this is going to be a memorable affair. If you are fond of capturing moments, keep your camera ready while going on a houseboat trip.

A series of frames – such as jungle scenes, villagers sowing their fields, rice plants swaying with the wind, tall coconut trees, children swinging on trees, and families having fun – will keep you engaged. Being a spice state, a myriad of distinct aromas will hypnotize you along the way – the strong smell of filter paper will be as welcoming as the smell coming from delicious chicken Chettinad.

Facilities and meals in houseboats in Alleppey

Comfortable and airy interiors of houseboats in Alleppey


facilities: Obviously the degree of luxury is proportional to the cost. A simple houseboat with one living room and one bedroom costs around Rs 5,000 in the peak season from September to February. The rooms have basic amenities such as well-furnished rooms with tables, chairs and beds, clean bathrooms and spacious balconies or hedges that offer views of walks along the scenery.
Additionally, these sparsely decorated houseboats in Alleppey are quite airy. There isn’t much pretense about their breathable interiors; Most of the time, the decor is minimal but the essential amenities are present.

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Eat: There are very good food arrangements in houseboats in Alleppey. The deal includes all meals and the fare is mostly a mix of North and South Indian cuisine.

Vegetarians generally do not have much choice in terms of food other than authentic South Indian food like idli, sambar, vada. But for non-vegetarians, the food is simply delightful. Cuisine from across India with authentic South Indian dishes like Chicken Chettinad and Chicken Malabar. Sometimes, the chefs are also well equipped to prepare finger licking continental dishes.

Interior of a houseboat in Alleppey


Customization and Special Request: In addition to the regular offerings, houseboats have a number of customization options available during your stay. Be it your food, room amenities, or any other service, all requests are fulfilled – although it may take some time.

Special requests regarding food should be made before boarding the houseboat. If you have requested after boarding it will take more than a few hours as they may have to outsource the food.

The mouth-watering food buffet offers well-prepared and extremely tasty dishes. Some of the best houseboats in Alleppey also arrange for a private, candle-lit dinner or something equally mind-blowing on request.

PS Kerala is predominantly a non-vegetarian state. If you are vegetarian, please specify when ordering food.

Cost of staying in a houseboat in Alleppey

A houseboat floating in the backwaters of Alleppey at dusk

Depending on the services offered, houseboat rates in Alleppey can vary from Rs 6,000 to Rs 1,50,000 per night.

Budget: With a budget of Rs 6,000, you can book a small houseboat with just one room and minimal decor.

Standard: If you go a little higher and increase the budget to Rs 8,000 to Rs 12,000, you can get a good houseboat with much better facilities. A good fleet of houseboats in Alleppey will provide you with two bedrooms with a modern bathroom and ample windows in a given price range. Where the food will be of different varieties, the experience will be much better.

luxury: If your budget can go up to Rs 40,000 per night, you can enjoy ultimate luxury and the best facilities. Besides, there are 2-3 bedrooms and a living room, the decoration is sophisticated, the food menu is elaborate, and the experience is unforgettable.

Premium Luxury: If you are looking for an experience that is unmatched and incomparable to anything else, you can opt for a glass houseboat. While they will cost you more than Rs 1,40,000 per night, the experience of seeing everything through the glass is really something else.

Shared Houseboat: For those who do not want to spend such a huge amount, there is also the option of a shared houseboat. You can book a houseboat room for around Rs 2,500 and enjoy a luxury houseboat in Alleppey.

Irrespective of the price, it is certain that the experience of riding a houseboat in Alleppey will be unique and memorable.

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things to keep in mind

1. Houseboats in Alleppey are usually not as secluded as they appear in the photos. This means that while you are floating in the water, you can see many other houseboats with tourists moving along the same path.
2. The backwaters are full of mosquitoes due to the lush greenery and cold water. Carry your own odomos or mosquito-repellent coils as these things are rarely provided even in the best luxury houseboats in Alleppey.
3. Since the mother tongue is not easily understood in Kerala, please inform the operators that you will require English/Hindi speaking chefs and caretakers.

How to book a houseboat in Alleppey?

Houseboat in Alleppey is a perfect place to enjoy the surrounding beauty


You can book your houseboat in Alleppey online. With just a few clicks and answering questions, you are ready for your houseboat stay. Alternatively you can ask agents and marketplaces like Daily Hind News to book for you from the best options available.

Rainbow Cruises offers the best houseboats in Alleppey. Their well-maintained, airy, beautiful and elegant houseboats are in great demand among families and couples.

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Cheap as well as luxury houseboats in Alleppey are easily booked weeks in advance. So make your booking on time to avail great offers and amazing accommodation.

Hope this article answers all your questions about houseboats in Alleppey. Now all you have to do is plan your Kerala tour and start packing for the amazing houseboat experience.

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