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“House of the Dragon” takes place nearly 200 years before the events of its parent series. It therefore seems impossible for a character from the original show to appear there. And yet one of them could well be alive at the time of the facts…

Warning, spoilers. The following article reveals key plot elements of ‘Game of Thrones’ and “Game Of Thrones : House of the Dragon”.

The prequel to the legendary Game Of Thrones begins in the 9th regnal year of King Viserys I Targaryen (Paddy Considine), more than a hundred years before the death of Aerys, the Mad King, and the birth of his daughter, Princess Daenerys (Emilia Clarke).

In its first episode, House of the Dragon sets to take place exactly 172 years before the birth of the Mother of Dragons and focuses specifically on House Targaryen who ruled Westeros for centuries before falling out of favor following a veritable war of succession.

House of the Dragon only one Game of Thrones character

The new HBO fiction available on OCS in France leaves no doubt about the universe in which it takes place and although you can follow its plot, whether or not you have seen the original series, its story retains emblematic elements. and recognizable that bring back fond memories for GOT fans.

The legend of the Dance of the Dragons, the Iron Throne, concepts such as that of the hand of the king, dragons flying over breathtaking landscapes and even the mythical song of the credits are thus very familiar elements for those who have seen Game of Thrones. But seeing characters from the original series make their appearance in the prequel, that’s not expected.

Indeed, with House of the Dragon, it is an entirely renewed cast that made its screen debut 3 weeks ago, an anthology of new characters that obviously does not include any of those encountered in the cult series of ‘origin.

However, impossible is not Game of Thrones. Indeed, a character could appear there, only one: that of Melisandre, the unforgettable Scarlet Witch, embodied by Carice van Houten.

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It was in the second season of GOT that we met her as a loyal advisor to Stannis Baratheon (Stephen Dillane). She was then already hundreds of years old, her powers allowing her to maintain a youthful appearance. So, the possibility of her being alive during the events of House of the Dragon is definitely there. And if you pay attention to a few statements made at the time, you might just believe them…

Remember the words of one of the creators of the series David Benioffwhich had confirmed that Melisandre “was several centuries old”, or even those ofOliver Ford Davies (who played Maester Cressen) revealing that Carice van Houten herself had admitted her character was 400 years old…

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The real appearance of Melisandre in “Game of Thrones”

If Melisandre does not appear in Fire and Blood of George RR Martinwhich served as the primary source for House of the Dragon, that doesn’t rule out a possible appearance.

Moreover, the actress herself seems to hope and believe in the theory that her character is alive at the time of the facts. She indeed reposted a fan’s story on her Instagram account representing a photo of her character on which he had written: I just watched House of the Dragon. I’m just saying Melisandre is centuries old…all followed by a crossing fingers emoji.

However, even if she was alive, Melisandre was most likely far from the House of Dragons. As she has mentioned several times, she is indeed from Asshai, in the west of the continent of Essos.

In all cases, a mention ofher by another character seems to be possible. Why not by Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint), the Sea Serpent, known to be the greatest navigator in the history of his time? We can only theorize…

House of the Dragon is to be found every week on OCS.

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