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A new time jump in the plot of “House of the Dragon”, does that tell you? So let’s go for a summary of episode 8, available on the OCS platform on demand!

Please note, the following details the plot of episode 8 of the House of the Dragon series, available on OCS on demand. If you haven’t seen it yet, and don’t want to know anything about its content, then you are strongly recommended to stop reading this article now.

This episode 8 of House of the Dragon opens in the sinister bowels of High Tide Castle on Lamarck Island. As Lord Corlys Velaryon suffers from a strange illness, talks are rife to find a successor for him. As we suspect, a new war of thrones is taking place except that it is not a question of seizing the prestigious Iron Throne, but the throne… of Driftwood (sic), literally a seat built from rotten planks.

A throne being in throne, the affair nevertheless takes a crucial political turn, while the affair coincides with the great return of Rhaenyra and Daemon to Port-Réal, a few years after their controversial incestuous marriage. For Rhaenyra, it is very quickly a question of ensuring that the Hightower clan – Queen Alicent, and her father Otto, again Hand of the King – do not choose themselves the successor of Corlys.

The problem is that Rhaenyra is held responsible for the presumed death of her previous husband, Laenor…Velaryon. Of course, we the spectators know that the latter is still alive, but it is hard to imagine the heir to the Iron Throne confessing to her great cousin Rhaenys Targaryen (the wife of Corlys) that their son is not dead, but that he simply shaved his head to flee the region and fully experience his homosexuality.

But what weight does the loss of a son represent in the scales of hatred, when on the other side there is the humiliation of having been dismissed from the Throne in favor of Viserys I, a decision which earned Rhaenys the nickname of “queen who did not reign”. An agreement between the two Targaryens is put in place (in exchange in particular for marrying their children to form a common royal line), but Rhaenyra still lacks a major support: that of her daddy, King Viserys I.

Lack of luck, the latter is at the end of his life, bedridden both for his illness and because of the remedies made for him by order of the Main the Maesters of the castle. His face half covered with a blindfold, Viserys recognizes despite everything his daughter and his brother (unless he is now his son-in-law?) and their two new children, two beautiful blond heads including a little Viserys who is already doing the pride of his grandpa/uncle.

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Viserys I, aka the King in the Iron Mask.

It’s hard to know which is harder for Rhaenyra to take: discovering her father in such a state, or realizing that he won’t be of any help to her and that it will therefore be impossible for her to avoid the Hightowers. extend their Machiavellian influence over the Throne of Driftwood (re-sic) the death of Corlys Velaryon.

But when all hope seemed lost, Viserys suddenly appears out of nowhere to attend the meeting himself, providing a tasty moment when Otto Hightower, comfortably seated on the Iron Throne, realizes that he is not the real one. ruler of the kingdom. Well, past the crashing entrance of Viserys, the effect is somewhat mitigated by his difficult walk then ascent of the steps to finally sit down (or rather collapse) on his Throne.

The meeting can resume as normal. Vaemond Velaryon declares his opposition to the nomination of Lucerys Velaryon, the younger son of Rhaenyra (officially recognized as the son of Laenor Velaryon, although his real father is Harwin Fort). The Princess steps up to the plate, and the exchange quickly turns to a settling of scores when Alicent decides to intervene in turn.

But Vaemond makes a tragic mistake by letting his anger take precedence over reason. Calling Lucerys a bastard, the latter goes even further by calling Rhaenyra “p*t*“. It’s too much for Viserys who demands that the renegade’s tongue be delivered to him, which Daemon willingly lends himself to do in the very second. “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth!” and it looked like a remake of Will Smith’s Oscar slap in the face. In short…

We’ll spare you the details, but Lucerys is finally designated by Viserys as the successor to the Driftwood Throne (this sorry name, but we don’t get used to it…). But the episode is not over for all that, since the King decides to take advantage of the occasion to organize a meal in the presence of all his reunited family. Well, it must be said that he is almost the only one who has not yet understood that none of the members of his family can kill each other…

And yet! Everything seems to be going normally. Finally there again it is relative, since the king sees fit to remove his mask to reveal his completely empty right orbit, and his cheek completely rotten by disease. And good appetite, of course ! Still, a series of toasts allows Rhaenyra to address a gesture of sympathy to Queen Alicent… who returns the courtesy.

Viserys is satisfied, but exhausted, he returns to his room, letting the end of the dinner continue without him. As soon as the King left, the affair of the suckling pig began! While the Targaryen children (who obviously can’t puff each other) send pikes on pikes, Aemond who had so far remained silent in turn toasts, paying tribute in particular to the “strength” of his nephew Lucerys (known as Luc).


Of course, the tribute is ironic and the dinner ends with the start of a fight, interrupted by Daemon who obviously would not have hesitated to behead his own nephew to defend his adopted son (especially since he is the future heir to the Throne of Driftwood, damn wood!). Laughter, tears, good wine and well-stocked plates: in short, family meals at the Targaryens are ultimately like ours!

The epilogue to this episode sees Viserys about to breathe his last. His wife Alicent goes to his bedside; because of his condition, it is obviously not possible to know if the latter knows that he is addressing the Queen, or if he confuses her with his daughter. Still, the latter entrusts him in his last words with the responsibility of entrusting the future of the Kingdom to Aegon.

We can imagine that Alicent thinks of her son Aegon II, but is it rather Aegon III, the son… of Rhaenyra and Daemon, a pure Targaryen? The answer, we viewers can guess: this line, almost a kind of vision of the future, refers to a distant descendant of the King, Aegeon Targaryen better known as… Jon Snow!

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