House of the Dragon on OCS: the not serious recap of the episode where the Prince steals a…

It’s time for the quirky recap of House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel series where the Targaryens reign over Westeros with their mini army of dragons.

Please note, the following details the plot of episode 2 of the House of the Dragon series, available on OCS on demand. If you haven’t seen it yet, and don’t want to know anything about its content, then you are strongly recommended to stop reading this article now.

Let’s go for episode 2. And finally a credits! We were seriously worried about not seeing him last week. Small disappointment in its discovery. If the theme of Game Of Thrones is always present, this time, the credits of House of the Dragon trades a map of Westeros for some kind of mechanism activated by dripping blood on a mechano family tree of the Targaryens. The boys and their toys will not be judged here.

First image. A scene of carnage by the sea with small crabs devouring the flesh of almost dead men… Bon appetit.

At the King’s Council, the men gossip and Rhaenyra serves these gentlemen. The heiress to the throne does the service. EVERYTHING IS GOING WELL. WE DON’T GET ANGRY. Lord Velaryon storms into the Council, angry. The men who served crab appetizers were his. They negligently offer him financial compensation… He wants the head of the Crab-Giver, a pretty little name appropriate for someone who seems to have not very diplomatic practices.

He is answered with the phlegm cursor pushed to the maximum that it is better to avoid going to war and that some negotiation measures have been taken against Daemon who has gone to take possession of Dragonstone.

Rhaenyra intervenes, claiming that they have dragons and that the matter can be settled quickly. She is young but she quickly learned pragmatism. Big awkward silence. A young girl spoke during the King’s Council without having been invited. Oh dear ! Lèse-majesté! Rather than being interested in his opinion, he is sent elsewhere to choose the Knight who will ensure his protection. Come on, we let the men talk to each other. (We stay zen, we try)

It runs while chomping at the bit and we are already diagnosing the first event that will lead to an ulcer.

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Does Viserys also have server experience on his resume?

In the courtyard of the palace, the knights present themselves one by one, all candidates for the protection of the heiress to the throne. They all look like jolly fellows. (Not at all). And Rhaenyra asks for one who, instead of having a nice pedigree, would at least have combat experience. It was there that she chose Ser Criston Cole, the very man who had made an impression during the tournament and put Daemon in his place in style.

The Hand of the King is not happy and recommends a more flashy candidate. Rhaenyra argues in favor of Ser Criston and his experience, an essential prerequisite for the protection of the King and hers. The Hand abdicates. And we say to ourselves that any victory, even a small one over the annoying ones, is good to take.

In his bedroom, the King is still having a blast with his medieval version of LEGO and pretending to be modest in front of Alicent when he is clearly showing off like never before!

He breaks one of his mini stone dragons which Alicent kindly picks up. Their hands touch as he retrieves the pieces. The moment is awkward. Viserys creates a diversion by asking Alicent about her daughter. Then he asks her not to tell Rhaenyra about their secret meetings, which raises the embarrassment by at least ten notches.

Alicent and Rhaenyra share a moment together. Moment that Alicent chooses to defend the interests of Viserys… Their complicity seems real and yet already belongs to the past.

Lord Corlys and his wife Princess Rhaenys meet the King in the gardens. Corlys takes the opportunity to try to smooth things over after the tense exchange at the start of the episode. They agree to make peace, this is where Corlys jumps at the chance to offer the hand of her daughter Laena to Viserys. Always an idea behind his head.

In the evening, Viserys and Rhaenerys meet over a candlelit dinner. Except that the atmosphere between the two is icy. They try to find a semblance of complicity but the silences count double. When she approaches the Morning Council, from which she was expelled, Viserys immediately interrupts her. She just has to wait and learn.

In his bedroom, Viserys has his finger treated with teeming worms. Bon appetit bis. He tells the Hand, Otto Hightower, and Grand Maester about the marriage proposal he received earlier that afternoon. No one is offended that he is offered to marry a 12-year-old child. They prefer to weigh the advantages – without taking into account the disadvantages – of such a union.

The next day, Viserys and Laena walk together in the palace gardens. It barely comes up to his shoulder. The little one, with her sense of duty pegged to the body, makes conversation with the King and offers him to become his wife. Obviously, Viserys is not at all inclined to make a political marriage with a child and for once, we agree with him.

In the distance, Rhaenyra witnesses the scene. Laena’s mother, Princess Rhaenys takes malicious pleasure in hurling her poisoned pikes at Rhaenyra and declines a lesson in political pragmatism that we would not like to see born in our minds.

Philosophical question:

Alicent and Viserys meet again for a secret meeting where they innocently chat about subjects that concern them. Alicent takes the opportunity to offer a gift to Viserys: the repaired mini stone dragon. Hyper-effective seduction technique on Viserys. The Hand, who is also the father of Alicent, comes to break the atmosphere for an exceptional Council.

A man came to report to the King that Daemon stole a dragon egg. And also that he intends to marry Mysaria, the prostitute he frequents. The Council interprets the brother’s sling as an act of war. As if bitten by a fly, Viserys gets annoyed with Daemon’s behavior and decides to go to Dragonstone in person to take back what was stolen from him.

Hightower, advised and aware of the danger that Daemon represents, advises his King against going there and proposes to go there. The fine strategist does not have the makings of a warrior and it is unconvinced (or convincing) that he is preparing to leave without forgetting to recommend to his daughter to go and visit the King in his room in the evening. …

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Daemon, a disreputable but stylish boy

On the bridge that leads to Dragonstone, Hightower and Daemon each face each other with his army behind him. The two men exchange a few pleasantries and play whoever is the strongest and the most virile… This is where Daemon pulls out his big toy: his dragon which comes to threaten Hightower and the King’s envoys.

While Daemon’s victory seemed to be recorded, Rhaenyra comes to kill the game by landing on dragon’s back. “Badass!” as we were already saying from the time of Game of Thrones with Daenerys or Arya.

Rhaenyra comes to pose with all her assurance in front of her favorite uncle and offers to kill her since she is the heiress and he wants the throne. He turns his back on her and swings the egg into her arms. We got a little hot, but a sequence with dragons always has its effect. She leaves as she came, on the back of a dragon. Normal.

Philosophical question:

In Peydragon’s home, the atmosphere is rather cool. Mysaria finds it difficult to be constantly insulted and to be reduced to her status as a woman of bad life. We can understand it. She also finds it difficult to be the accessory of a war of power, which makes her a particularly vulnerable pawn.

At the palace, Viserys is in no mood to sleep. He is worried about his future, his future marriage and asks advice from Lord Lyonel who supports the suggestion of marriage with Laena, daughter of the powerful Lord Corlys. Their little confabulation is interrupted by the triumphant return of Rhaenyra of Dragonstone.

The King is not happy and scolds her as if she were 12 years old and that it was a fragile little thing that had to be protected from all possible dangers. She stands up to her father, making his case: retrieve the egg without bloodshed. They finally share a moment of truth as they reminisce about their pain since the death of Rhaenyra’s mother. However Viserys announces to his daughter that he must find a new wife. What Rhaenyra hears without flinching.

At the new King’s Council, Viserys gathers all his courage (that is to say not much) to make a big announcement: he has decided to take a new wife. Corlys stops herself from jumping for joy, seeing herself already propelled very close to the throne. Rhaenyra even encourages her hesitant father to talk. This is where he announces his choice: Alicent Hightower.

Rhaenyra breaks down at the news. Finding out that your dad is going to marry his best friend isn’t quite the best way to prepare for the idea of ​​having a stepmom.

Corlys has it bad and quits the Council. Rhaenyra cannot stomach such betrayal. We can’t blame her.

Corlys talks to someone near a fire. He boasts of his lineage by redoing his family tree, but he also boasts of his will telling that everything he has ever obtained, he went to get it by the sweat of his brow. Because he too is a younger brother, a second in other words. He offers an alliance to his interlocutor who is none other than Daemon.

He shares his worries with the Crab-Giver. Superimposed on this conversation, images of the torture inflicted by a disfigured man – the famous Crab-Giver – wearing an iron mask and looking somewhat deranged announce a confrontation that will not be in the lace.


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