House of the Dragon on OCS: the not serious recap of episode 1, we saw the houses yes …

House of the Dragon on OCS the not serious recap

After “Game of Thrones”, here is a new series taking place in the universe of Westeros: the prequel entitled “House of the Dragon” is indeed making its grand debut on OCS City and OCS on demand from Monday August 22.

Please note, the following details the plot of episode 1 of the House of the Dragon series, available on OCS on demand. If you haven’t seen it yet, and don’t want to know anything about its content, then you are strongly recommended to stop reading this article now.

It only took three short years to see the universe of Game Of Thrones resurface, via a new series – or rather a prequel – titled House of the Dragon. Three years in which fans have been able to ruminate on the disappointing (did someone say sloppy?) ending to the phenomenal series adapted from the novels of George RR Martinhater number 1 of this failed final and also at times author of heroic-fantasy bestsellers.

To make people forget this feeling of disappointment, why not offer fans a sequel that wouldn’t be a sequel? And to make sure no one expects to meet Daenerys Targaryen in House of the Dragon, this episode opens with an introductory card, with all the warnings necessary to make us understand that the history of the program takes place 172 years before the birth of the Khaleesi!

You understood well ? Its good ? If in doubt, we will still fade in so that the last words that appear on the screen are: “172 years” “before” “Daenerys Targaryen”. So no chance of meeting any character from Game of Thrones, if not very distant ancestors (the genealogical tree of the Targaryen family being difficult to establish, due to the bad habit of its members of marrying each other…) .

This new series will therefore focus on the Targaryens, a clan mentioned many times during Game of Thrones but of which we have only seen a handful of representatives: Daenerys therefore, his brother Rhaegar (quickly knocked out by Khal Drogo) and of course her nephew/lover Jon Snow, bastard of the Stark clan yes, but not as the beginning of the series made us believe.

While the pilot of Game of Thrones at the time consisted of briefly presenting to us the different clans brought to dispute the succession of the Iron Throne, that of House of the Dragon is limited to introducing us to the few key characters. of its plot, for the majority of Targaryen blond heads. Family portrait requires, here are the main characters of the series!

King Viserys I (Paddy Considine) first of all. While Game of Thrones featured filthy sovereigns (Robert Baratheon), psychopaths (Joffrey and Daenerys) or even manipulators (Cersei), House of the Dragon chose to follow a sensitive sovereign, crushed by the weight of his own crown as he is under pressure to designate his own estate.

It will thus have taken an entire episode for Viserys to remember that in the absence of having a son, he has a daughter and this one will finally be more than enough to succeed him, especially if choosing his descendant allows him to avoid to designate as dolphin a bloodthirsty psychopath like his own brother.

Daemon, since we are talking about him, is the brother of Viserys, and at the beginning of the series occupies the rank of heir number 1 (since women, even of royal blood, are only good for marriage) . The role having been entrusted to Matt Smithno one will be surprised – except perhaps the fans of Doctor Who – to note that this character will be the psychopath of this beginning of the series.

From one of his first scenes, Daemon appears at the heart of a battle that spares us nothing: beheadings, emasculations, blood do you want some… Here again, the line is forced to make us understand that the latter will be the bloodthirsty guarantee of the series, as were before him other frappadingues such as Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton.

When he’s not busy dismembering his opponents on the battlefield, Daemon has rather simple passions: walking around with his dick in the air in the city’s gambling dens (what a Game of Thrones series would be without its harems of prostitutes?) or take part in tournaments (we will still note a fairly pronounced character of bad player, but no one is perfect).

Finally who says prince, says princess. Enter the heroine of the series Rhaenyra, only daughter of King Viserys, and a sort of mixture of Daenerys (for the haughty and dominating approach) and Arya Stark (for the fiery and independent side). In this first episode, the latter is not used for much except to serve wine for her father and his fellow council members.

Because she has other ambitions than doing the service and waiting for someone to designate a future husband for her, Rhaenyra enters the game of the throne in spite of herself when her father designates her as the official heiress. Before resolving to do so, the latter still ordered to open the belly of his beloved wife to save their child, who was finally stillborn. This shows how Viserys was really determined to name his daughter as heiress only in the event of a last resort…

We have a throne, we have a disputed king, we have several potential heirs, and we have a threat coming from the North… Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Yeah well, we can’t say that House of the Dragon really stood out from Game of Thrones with this pilot. But we can still say that we had a good laugh with these crazy Targaryens. Oh but by the way, the series was not supposed to also tell us about… dragons?

Episodes of the House of the Dragon series will be broadcast every Monday from 3 a.m. exclusively on OCS City and the OCS on demand platform.

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