Hotel Transylvania on TFX: which actors dub the monsters?

On the occasion of the school holidays, TFX is broadcasting the animated film Hotel Transylvania this evening. Discover the French vocal cast of this success from Sony Pictures Animation studios.

Huge success when it was released in theaters in February 2013 (the film totaled 358 million dollars in international revenue for an estimated budget of 85 million), Hotel Transylvania is broadcast tonight on TFX. The movie Genndy Tartakovsky takes place at Hotel Transylvania, owned by Count Dracula, where monsters and their families can live in peace away from humans. For the birthday of his daughter Mavis, who is celebrating her 118th birthday, Dracula invites the most famous monsters in the world to party but it was in counting on the impromptu arrival of a human who will quickly befriend with Dracula’s daughter.

In the original version, Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Kevin James and Steve Buscemi lend their voices to the monstrous characters from Genndy Tartakovsky’s film. But have you recognized the French voices?

If you are a fan of Adam Sandler – and watch his films in French – you will have recognized the tone of voice of Serge Faliu. This actor and dubbing comedian is Sandler’s regular French voice. He dubbed it in over 34 films. During the graphic creation of the character of Dracula, the vocal performance of Adam Sandler had a direct influence: “Thanks to the way Adam plays the character, Dracula is really imposing, but he can also be very quiet and very calm. And it shows in his physical appearance. “ explains producer Michelle Murdocca. It therefore seemed logical to keep the same range of voices and to offer Adam Sandler’s official voice actor to take over the role. A role that Serge Faliu will resume in the 3rd part after being replaced by Kad Merad in the second film of the saga.

Hotel transylvania on tfx: which actors dub the monsters?

Sony Pictures

Incarnated by singer and actress Selena Gomez in VO, Mavis, Drac’s daughter, is voiced by a popular actress since it is Virginie Efira who lends her beautiful tone of voice to the young vampire in the French version. The Belgian actress is not on her first try since she also dubbed Jennifer Love Hewitt in Garfield, the film (2004), Piper in the animated film Robots (2005), the cat Katy in Max & Co and especially Kitty Pattes de Velours in Puss in Boots from Dreamworks studios, released a year before Hotel Transylvania.

Jonathan, the human Mavis falls in love with, is for his part voiced by Alex Goude. The presenter had previously participated in the dubbing of Storm of Giant Dumplings (where he lent his voice to the TV presenter) and then made a voice in the animated series Lanfeust Quest adapted from the homonymous comic. He is the actor Andy Samberg who plays the character in the American version.

Hotel transylvania on tfx: which actors dub the monsters?

Sony Pictures

A film dubbed by real dubbing actors

Voice actor Xavier Fagnon lends his voice to Frank, the Monster of Frankenstein (Kevin James in original version). He is the regular French voice of Seth Rogen, Rob Corddry, Matthew Fox, Michael Weatherly (NCIS) and has lent his voice to Jude Law in 6 films including the Sherlock Holmes or even to Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman, Van Helsing or even Prestige.

William Coryn doubles the Invisible Man (David Spade in the United States), he is the French voice of Jackie Chan and has lent his voice to James Spader, Matthew Broderick and Michael Sheen on several occasions. William Coryn also doubles 2 characters in the animated series South Park (Kenny McCormick and Kyle Broflovski). He is also an art director and adapter.

Interpreted by Steve Buscemi in the original version, Wayne, the werewolf is voiced by Guillaume Lebon in French. Very active in dubbing, the actor was the voice of Paul Walker and lends his range to David Thewlis, Peter Sarsgaard, Eric McCormack or Sam Rockwell. He is also the voice of the rat Rémi in Ratatouille and L in the anime Death Note.

Making-of dedicated to the VF dubbing of the film

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