Hotel Transylvania: discover the short film The Monstrous Animals

Discover the short film The Monstrous Animals taken from the universe of Hotel Transylvania and which introduces the 4th part of the animated saga.

Sony Animation has just unveiled a short film taken from the universe of Hotel Transylvania: The Monstrous Animals. In this 5-minute video, Dracula tries to find a friend in Tinkles (Pipi in French), the colossal monster-puppy he gave his grandson Dennis in the short film Puppy !.

Tinkles has more energy than ever and absolutely wants to play ball with the Count! Unfortunately, Drac is too busy and is therefore determined to find a suitable playmate for his huge furry friend. After several unsuccessful attempts, Drac’s plan collapses when Tinkles chooses an unlikely partner.

Adam Sandler lends a new voice to the count in the original version while Serge Faliu takes over the role in the French version.

If the previous short film was directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, the director of the original saga, The Monstrous Animals is for its part directed by Jennifer Kluska and Derek Drymon, the duo at the helm of the fourth installment of Hotel Transylvania.

The cute Egyptian cat introduced in this short film will most likely be present in the latest installment of the saga whose official French title has just been revealed: Hotel Transylvania: Monster Changes. At the cinema on August 4th.

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