Hotel Transylvania 4 trailer: Dracula and the monsters become human again

Hotel Transylvania 4, a new installment in the animated saga, will hit theaters on July 21, 2021. Discover the first images of the upcoming adventures of Dracula and his friends.

After the monster success of Hotel Transylvania 3 and its 528 million dollars at the worldwide box office, a fourth film is quickly put into work by Sony Pictures Animation.

Thanks to the 3rd opus, released in 2018, the franchise exceeded one billion dollars in revenue, confirming the public’s enthusiasm for the saga featuring Dracula and his friends.

In France, Monstrous Holidays gathered 3 million spectators, the best score of the trilogy.

From now on, the saga becomes a quadrilogy with Hotel Transylvania 4, subtitled “Monster changes” in the land of Molière.

For this 4th iteration, director Genndy Tartakovsky gives way to the duo Derek Drymon / Jennifer Kluska, authors of the short film The Monstrous Animals, set in the universe of Hotel Transylvania.


This time Dracula will have to face a big problem! Van Helsing has created a monster ray that will turn the lives of the residents of the hotel upside down. Johnny, in the hope of being accepted by his stepfather’s vampire, is going to be transformed into some kind of dragon.

But while this device turns humans into monsters, it also transforms monsters into humans! Obviously, the device will not fail to go haywire, creating funny situations to say the least, as we can see in the trailer, punctuated by the hit “How you like that” by Blackpink.

Indeed, Dracula and his cronies will suddenly become human again, arousing fear in our vampiric friend.

How are they going to get out of this situation? Answer on July 21 in theaters.

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