Hotel Transylvania 2 on TFX: which famous actor doubles Dracula?

Hotel Transylvania 2 on TFX which famous actor doubles Dracula

After the first part, TFX is broadcasting Hotel Transylvania 2 tonight. In the sequel to Genndy Tartakovsky’s film, Dracula’s French voice has changed. Find out who replaced actor Serge Faliu in this opus.

TFX is broadcasting Hotel Transylvania 2, the second installment in Sony Animation’s successful saga, tonight. If the first film had totaled $ 358 million at the international box office for an estimated budget of 80 million, the sequel recorded $ 475 million for a similar budget. The third part – released 3 years later – does even better and garners 528 million for a budget of 80 million.

In this sequel, Dracula becomes a grandfather. But the count is worried about his grandson, Dennis: half-human, half-monster, the child is far too adorable for his liking, and he risks making a poor vampire! So when Mavis and Johnny are away, Dracula calls on his friends to teach Dennis how to be a real monster. But no one expected that Drac’s father Vlad – a very cranky and very old school vampire – would choose this moment to show up at the hotel.

Voiced by Adam Sandler in the original version, Dracula is voiced by Serge Faliu, the American comedian’s recurring voice actor, in the French version of Hôtel Transylvanie. But in Hotel Transylvania 2, the hero’s French voice has changed. It is indeed no longer Serge Faliu who doubles the vampire but Kad Merad. The French actor therefore joins Virginie Efira and Alex Goude in the vocal casting. The late Michel Galabru, for his part, lends his voice to Vlad and finds Kad Merad after Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis and Le petit Nicolas.

Omnipresent in French cinema for several years, Kad Merad had already lent his voice to several animated heroes: a momentum in Frère des ours (2003), a penguin in Happy Feet 1 & 2 (2006-2011) or even the super-villain Megamind (2010).

It is not known whether this replacement was made on the initiative of the studio or because Serge Failu was not available at the time of the voice recording. Anyway, Failu resumes his role three years later since it is he who doubles Dracula in Hotel Transylvania 3: Monstrous Vacation.

Making-of of the dubbing of Hotel Transylvania 2