7 Best Hostels In Weligama That’ll Add More Comfort & Peace To Your Sri Lankan Vacay

Sri Lanka is a paradise on earth hidden in plain sight, known only to a true traveler who knows its beauty amid the surrounding blue ocean. Over the years, it has transformed from a neglected country to a hot spot for tourists with its gorgeous beaches, luxury resorts, comfortable hostels, spectacular landscapes, rich heritage and much more. Every day, development is taking place in the country Tourism sector to provide best facilities to the tourists. One such place that everyone must visit is Weligama, which literally means ‘Sandy Village’, which gives an idea of ​​the country’s best beach hotspots located on the south coast. But, if you are visiting Weligama and are looking for a place to stay that will give you a homely feel in a low budget, then Hostel in Weligama are the best bets to make. wondering why? Take a look below.

7 Top Hostels in Weligama

Here is a list of 7 best hostels in Weligama where you can rest, relax, eat, enjoy and repeat for as long as you want. And of course, money is one thing you don’t have to worry about at all!

1. Beetroot Hostel

Beetroot HostelBeetroot Hostel

Beetroot Hostel He Never This is where you will find all the amazing activities to get involved in on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Known as the quirkiest beach hostel, this is a place for independent minded people where one can surf the beach, do some yoga sessions and mingle with people from different cultures. May be capable. This hostel tops the list for its spacious, airy rooms and one of the most sought-after hostels to stay in the region. Surprisingly, this hostel has 22 beds, which consists of 3 mixed hostels with 6 beds each and one women’s hostel with four beds. The rest of us are private rooms that can accommodate a maximum of 2-4 people. With its own café and a hut-like seating area, one gets to live the best of hostel life here that no one else can offer. Feeling at home amongst strangers who soon become friends, Beetroot Hostel is where you need to be.

Place: 223/1, Weligama Bye Pass Road, Sri Lanka
Face value: Rs 1692
Rating: 5/5

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2. Hangtime Hostel

Hangtime HostelHangtime Hostel

You will be amazed to see the overall architecture of this building which has thatched border railings and is open on both the sides for airy environment. place of Hangtime Hostel in Weligama So enviable that anyone who loves to see the sea near their window comes to live in this strangely structured but stunning place. This hostel boasts to its guests different cultures, food and proximity to the sea. Furthermore, the hostel has a vast accommodation option with the availability of private double rooms, women’s hostel and mixed hostel. The best part is that they organize activities for the guests, for example on Monday nights they have open mic night and pasta and pizza night. While Saturdays are the best because they host beer pong. It also has a rooftop bar and a restaurant.

Place: Weligama By Pass Road, Sri Lanka
Face value: Rs 1692
Rating: 4.5/5

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3. Wanderlust Hostel

Wanderlust HostelWanderlust Hostel

The hostel does justice to its name Wanderlust Hostel in Weligama This is by far one of the most fun-filled places on the South Coast. Located just a minute’s walk from the beach, the hostel is frequented by solo travelers. This hostel also has access to surfing on the beach, along with which it offers a host of fun activities like FIFA, PS4 and well, freshly made banana pancakes from its own kitchen. Many visitors who have stayed there in the past have given positive reviews that Wanderlust Hostel is a home away from home. They have multiple dining spaces, hut like normal rooms and both single and double beds available in mixed dorms, women’s dorms and private rooms.

Place: 28/7 Main Street, Weligama, Sri Lanka
Face value: Rs 1667
Rating: 5/5

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4. Beach Break Surf Hostel

Beach Break Surf HostelBeach Break Surf Hostel

With extremely friendly staff and a spectacular terrace, Beach Break Surf Hostel is one of the best hostels in the area. The name itself suggests its proximity to the sea and the availability of surfing, where one does not need to go far to find a surf spot. In addition, the hostel offers a variety of surf training for newcomers and arranges tours to explore the Indian Ocean. Well, if you want the best surfing experience, you know exactly where to go. The hostel is spacious and offers a public kitchen where anyone can go and cook their own food whenever needed. The best part is that apart from offering beautiful beaches to the visitors, this hostel is also closest to the bus station and the city centre.

Place: 520, Old Matara Road, Pelena, Sri Lanka
Face value: Rs 948
Rating: 4.5/5

5. Basecamp

base campbase camp

Located across the Weligama port, Basecamp Hostel is best for a weekend long getaway with friends or a solo trip. It accommodates a total of 8 rooms, making it a secluded spot for a nice private stay. Apart from the accommodation, the hostel has a spacious garden where one can relax. This is one of those places where guests can enjoy beautiful sunrise and sunset with a beautiful location. Offering a warm and cozy ambiance, this place is where anyone should go for a serene holiday. And if you’re a yoga enthusiast, Basecamp offers yoga spaces in harmony with nature.

Place: 28. Weligama Bypass Road, Sri Lanka
Face value: Rs 2800
Rating: 5/5

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6. Spindrift Hostel

Spindrift HostelSpindrift Hostel

A backpacker hotspot, Spindrift Hostel is located in the heart of Weligama. It provides a perfect place to relax and share moments with people from different cultures. It has multiple seating areas, outdoor spaces and airy balconies making it a place where one can spend their entire day without leaving the premises. The hostel was designed by backpackers for backpackers looking for a place to stay and relax. Additionally, the package of services includes WiFi, free water and beverages, liquors and a community kitchen to serve favorite meals. Just a stone’s throw from the area’s best surf zones, Spindrift Hostel is a great place to stay.

Place: 49, Samaraweera Place, Sri Lanka

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7. The Rocksteel

The RocksteelThe Rocksteel

Rockstar Hostel offers a combination of luxury and an exceptional place to stay. Located on the breathtakingly beautiful southern coast of Sri Lanka, the accommodation here is luxurious and just 5 minutes from the main beach in Weligama. It is the only hostel in the area that has a positive vibe with the availability of standard dorm rooms, private rooms and king size beds for couples, all of which have hot water and AC. With honest staff that believes in providing the best service to its visitors, Rockstar Hostel is the place where you can avail of the extensive facilities. Each room has seating and is equipped with comfortable bean bags. The sitting area is one of the best where one can relax and watch the sea to one’s heart’s content. It also has a multi-use terrace.

Place: 24, Sri Vajiragnana Nahimi Mawatha, Sri Lanka
Face value: 500 rupees

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Well, hostels in Weligama, Sri Lanka definitely live up to their promises, providing the best experience to the travelers. A great spot for beach lovers, travelers love the area for its amazing accommodation options, natural beauty, surfing spots, great food and easy transportation. So, if you are planning your surfing as a newbie, visit Weligama on your next holiday in Sri Lanka with Daily Hind News and craft lifelong memories.

FAQs about Hostels in Weligama

Where can a surfer stay at Weligama Beach?

At Weligama Beach you will find many hostels like Beach Break Surf Hostel and Surf Bay Hostel. They are best for wading within a few furlongs and surfing when the tide is high.

Are hostels in Weligama suitable for family stays?

Yes, there are one to two bedroom hostels in Weligama. These are best for family stay in low budget as food facilities can be available in them.

Are Weligama hostels best to stay for honeymooners?

You’ll find many beach hostels in Weligama with king-size beds. It is best for honeymooners who are looking for a luxury and comfortable stay. It is advisable to book a beach facing room.

Are there HVACs in Weligama Hostel?

Yes, Weligama experiences hot summers and cool winters. The modern hostels in Weligama have HVAC systems.

Is it possible to book Weligama Hostel online?

Yes, you can book directly from the hostel website. Additionally, you can also book through travel channels at affordable prices by comparing hostel rental prices in Weligama.

Is it necessary to book hostels in advance during peak season in Weligama?

Yes, the peak tourist season in Weligama is from December to March. To avoid the crowd of domestic and international tourists, you must book your hostel stay in Weligama in advance.

Is it necessary to book hostels in advance during peak surfing season at Weligama Beach?

The surfing season at Weligama Beach is from October to March. It is advisable to book beach hostels in advance as professional and amateur surfers stay there and surf.

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