Horizon station on Salto: what is this series with Alexandra Vandernoot and Bernard Yerlès?

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Salto is now putting season 1 of “Station Horizon” online on its platform, a series that follows a group of bikers in the Swiss mountains.

What is it about ?

After 25 years of absence, Joris returns to the land of his childhood to honor his father who died recently. Taken with nostalgia, he decides to stay and rubs shoulders with his former rival Raymond Héritier. While he thought he was just passing through, his return shares the community and rekindles the tensions of the past.

Horizon Station created by Pierre-Adrian Irlé and Romain Graf.

A Sons of Anarchy with Swiss sauce

Created by Pierre-Adrian Irlé and Romain Graf, who also co-wrote the series with Léo Maillard, Station Horizon follows a group of bikers in Valais, a canton in the south of Switzerland. If the characters evolve in the green plains bordered by mountains of the region, the series breathes an air of America into its plots.

Motorcycles, leather jackets and tattoos are the attributes of the inhabitants of this fictional city of Horizonville. Even the village priest wears the perfecto in his spare time. If Station Horizon is very reminiscent of Sons of Anarchy, the authors were especially keen to be interested in the people who live in the plains while distilling there the ideas of freedom of the American dream.

The result: a series that manages to push the boundaries without abusing gratuitous violence or excessive sexuality.

On the casting side, it’s Bernard Yerlès who plays Joris Fragnière. The Belgian-born actor has appeared in a plethora of films and series, including Merci, the kids are doing well and Alexandra Ehle. For the occasion, he gives the reply to Alexandra Vandernoot (A formidable family), Roland Vouilloz, Jean-Pierre Gos (Quartier des Banques) and Lavinia Longhi (Squadra Criminale).

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