Hoop earrings – trends in the last year

If you’re thinking about buying a gift for a loved one or updating your accessories, buying jewellery is probably one of the best options. And, of course, the undisputed leader is earrings.

earrings hoop

Looking through the photos and reports from this year’s fashion shows, it became clear that hoop earrings continue their victorious march. They appeared in the 1970s. Every fashionista dreamed of buy earrings hoop on https://www.fjewellery.co.uk/en/earrings-hoop/. FJewellery was kind enough to give us some advice. Based on it, we’ve put together a little guide to help you choose the earrings of your dreams.

One step to perfection

There is no such person who looks good with absolutely everything. We are all individuals, and so the choice of jewellery should be based on your parameters. Earrings, like rings, are really universal. What makes them unique? Jewellers have taken one of the most popular shapes (the ring) and created a huge number of earrings based on it, which differ in diameter, material, design and, of course, price. The size or diameter you can find on the market ranges from 10 mm (the smallest, ideal for a gift for a child) to 75 mm (baseball). Prices depend on the material and design: from inexpensive silver to expensive platinum.

Do all earrings made in this style suit you? Quite possible. But we do know that a particular style will be perfect for you. What features of your appearance should you rely on when choosing earrings-rings? We believe that the main thing is the type of face.

So, let’s start choosing:

  1. Circle. With this face shape, all sides are about the same. Your cheekbones may be a little wider. You also have a slightly arched chin. Stylists do not recommend choosing large sizes from the assortment. They will only accentuate the softness of your shapes. The best option would be hoop rings with a diameter of no more than 30 mm. Without decorations or with their minimum amount. Asymmetric modern variants of hoop earrings of a triangular, square or diamond shape may look interesting.
  2. Oval. This face shape is similar to a circle, but the face is usually somewhat longer and narrower. Also, the forehead may be slightly wider than the chin. Comparing several models, we see that the best option for you will be small rings with a diameter of 25 to 40 mm. The width of the ring should be wide enough. It can be 3 mm or more. Such jewellery will create an additional contrast with the oval face.
  3. Rhombus or diamond. Rather wide cheekbones, narrow forehead and pointed chin are the characteristics that distinguish ladies with this type of face. Your choose is the rings that are optimally located near the earlobe openings. It can be the smallest ring size that suits you as you wish (the best option) and without it. This approach will help to harmonize your angularity and divert attention from your broad cheekbones.
  4. Heart. Ladies with a rather wide forehead, often with a widow’s cape, and a pointed chin can refer themselves to this type. The ideal variant for you is the hoop rings of large size (it can be as big as possible). Such jewellery will add softness and harmonize the figure.
  5. An inverted triangle. As a rule, these are women with rather wide foreheads and pointed chins. The shape is elongated rather than broad. Medium to large rings with a plume of gemstones and fashionable pearls will look stunning and will balance the face.
  6. Square. These are ladies whose forehead and chin are about the same width. It is a strong, angular shape, which simply needs some softness for the general harmony of perception. Owners of such shape should pay attention to large (possibly, maximally large) earrings, the bottom part of which will hang lower than the chin. No wide and extremely wide variants. Light and neat accessories will be suitable.

hoop earrings

What else should you look for when choosing earrings in a catalog? You should choose the ones that will complement your style. Take into account the length of your hair, your lifestyle, your clothing style and, of course, your personal preferences. Try, to ask the FJewellery concierge for advice and choose the best option for you.

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