You Must Definitely Explore These Vivid Street Markets On Your Trip To Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is known for the variety of products offered in its markets. These street markets of Hong Kong are also known for their cheap clothes, accessories, jewelry and what not. Street markets are an essential part of Hong Kong’s culture. Locals also love these markets as they offer great bargains and also offer a great ambiance that adds to the wonderful shopping experience. Street markets reflect both the modern and contemporary conditions of Hong Kong. Yes, they can be noisy and chaotic but they are the best places to learn and experience more about the local culture.

Hong Kong’s best street markets

Make sure you explore them all during your visit to the city.

1. Ladies Market

women's marketwomen's market


This market has more than 100 stalls and is known as the most popular market. It offers great fashion goods and accessories at really cheap prices and is also surrounded by some of the best restaurants and eateries in the Mong Kok area. Although the name suggests that this is a women-only place, there are many options available for men as well.

Place:-Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok

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2. Temple Street Market

,Street MarketStreet Market


This market is the most touristy market in Hong Kong and is a must-see for all tourists visiting Hong Kong. This market reflects the culture more and most people here speak English. It is also known as the night market as it opens around 17:00 and runs till 24:00.

3. PMQ Market

Popular markets in Hong KongPopular markets in Hong Kong


PMQ offers mid-range art pieces, fashion jewelery and various fashion brands started by over 100 young entrepreneurs. Local designers showcase their work here in the international market. The place is known for fine art, apparel and boutique fashion.

Place:-35 Aberdeen Street, Soho, Central

4. Jade Market

Jade MarketJade Market


Jade offers a variety of jewelery with different prices according to the quality of the jade. It is hard to bargain with the sellers here as they actually boast about the quality of what they are selling you. Even if you have no intention of buying, you can still wander around the market which makes you realize the cultural significance of jade.

Place: Junction of Kansu Street and Battery

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5. Fa Yuen Street Market

Street Market in KowloonStreet Market in Kowloon


Fa Yuen Street is a hidden gem. It is known as a sneaker market because the stalls turn into rows of sports shops and they sell the latest sneakers and shoes. They offer branded shoes like Nike, Reebok, New Balance and others. This street symbolizes heaven for shoe shopping.

Place:-Mongkok, Kowloon

6. Cat Street

cat streetcat street


Cat Street is a market for lovers of antiques. This market has antique furniture, trinkets, souvenirs, ancient jade jewelery and many fancy antiques and is located on Upper Laskar Road. You may feel lost exploring this market, but look for the central mid-level escalator.

Place:-Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

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7. Appliu Market

Market for lovers of antiquesMarket for lovers of antiques


Gadget geeks need to visit this popular market which is known for bargain prices on new and second-hand electronics such as phones, TVs, tablets, home appliances and many other items. Any working person would definitely want to visit this place because of the amazing products and prices.

Place: Apliu Street, Kowloon

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8. Or UN Street

children's marketchildren's market


A stroll down childhood alley is exactly what Tai Yuen Street offers. Children of the 80s and 90s will get lost in nostalgia after passing through this street of different vintage toys. They also have modern toys but the main attraction is the vintage toys presented here.

Place: Tai Yuen Street, Wan Chai

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9. Shanghai Street

Shanghai StreetShanghai Street


Also known as Shopping Paradise and Oriental Paris, this street is very popular. The city offers great shopping areas and Shanghai is the best. Shanghai also has great traditional Chinese cuisine and some of the best Chinese cooking utensils.

Place: Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei

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10. Goldfish Market

fish stallsfish stalls


According to the people of Hong Kong, goldfish are considered to bring good luck. There are many shops in this area selling fish – mostly goldfish. Apart from goldfish, this place also offers a variety of exotic animals like snakes, lizards, turtles and more.

Place: Tung Choi Street North

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Apart from these, there are other markets in Hong Kong for shopping lovers like Business Card Market, Wan Chai Street Market, Costume Market and Golden Shopping Arcade. Escape to Hong Kong the right way to experience everything this city has to offer to satisfy the shopaholic inside you!

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