Hong Kong court jails Jimmy Lai and other prominent activists for 8 to 18 months over 2019 protest

Jimmy was among those sentenced Lot 72, who founded the popular Apple Daily newspaper. Lot’s two received 14 months in prison for his involvement in the protests on August 18 and 31, 2019.

Lee Cheuk-yan and certainly jailed, was also taking part in the, a former lawmaker and 64 years for the veteran democracy activist who has received a total of 14 months in prison. Three former lawmakers were jailed in August of March 18, including “Longhair” which is suspended, Leung Kwok, who received the sentence to 18 months, 10 months and Cyd AM Nok-liter O 8 months.

By condemnation of Venus, there is no hearing, the Judge says it is to be loved practice, defendants, been “deliberately forbidden by the law”, and the customs of the broadening of protests that he is not to the “straight ahead to the challenge from the authority of the office of magistrate; and so, the law, and order.”

The sentence was “to reflect the gravity of the offense” and “conscious decision” by the parties break the law.

More avoided prison, receiving much of their advanced age and suspended sentences in the memory and public services. Martin Lee is not included, an 82 year veteran lawyer often referred to as the “father of Hong Kong’s democracy,” and a veteran democracy activists Albert O Marcus Ng Leung Yiu-chung will. Yeung is a former lawmaker received suspended highest opinion of his role in the August 31 protest.

Unlawful protests in vain

Lot with the other sentences were found to have handed down guilty earlier this month to the protests on August 18, and two of participating in and organizing September in 2019, and 31 officials who had been banned. Each charge carried a maximum penalty of five years in prison with her.

Lai’s lawyer, Greece on Friday on the fifth day of the hearing for him to be able to stop the guardian sentence to be punished, not peace. “I was exercising his constitutional right of peaceful assembly is obstructed, (but) the personal gain or greed,” he said.

Separately, the prosecution added one other national security at the Lot in the court hearing Friday. Further, there is the church of the guilt of others, now, Lat colluding with foreign brands to two of the forces which they carry on the punishment of the greatest soul out of prison.

Ng, a lawyer of 73 years, received applause in court after she made a speech saying she was determined to stand up for Hong Kong’s democratic rights.

“The rule of law has not only in court, but the city streets,” Ng said. “The rule of law is not just about the law, but the governance and laws, which tend to win the right to protect their trust in people.”

Cicero and Albert Lee Martin, a lawyer who was inserted into various illustrations of a public service as lawmakers in recent decades.

“Justice was not served will be locked up for life and two serving people who have devoted their city,” he said.

Mass protests for democracy

The notice on August 18, Lot eight others after they were convicted by a list of one hundred thousand protesters led by a rally in Victoria Park in the City’s Central District, to call for greater government accountability and independent investigation into police brutality.

While on the road, there was a permission from the police did not want to, they affirm that as far as the 1.7 million people was present at the demonstration of the authors, they came to the parts of the city to a halt. Textile able to independently verify this estimation.

In the second case, were found guilty of Lot and two others by a separate complaint on September 31 this year.

, Nor to the rulers, and the authorities, the defense of the advocates, are to be described, when the power of the station is to ban the protests of the constitutional protection that is contrary to their trust, it would be at the meeting, he said, the court of Justice in front of the top of Hong Kong’s practice were supported to exercise their right of that pressure.

Before the hearing Friday that dozens of people can be seen queuing up for a seat outside the court building in the public gallery. To adapt to the crowd, a few areas of the open porch of the porch.

Hong Kong celebrated the first time since the ruling National Security Education on Thursday, the police commissioner Chris Tang accused the United States to use its agents to undermine the Hong Kong national security. “The police want to spend all the energy I’ll be out of our lives that are, and those who look to the court,” he said.

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