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Season 2 of the Norwegian romantic series “Home for Christmas” hits Netflix this Friday, December 18th. Johanne, our favorite eternal bachelor of the moment, will she finally find love?

What is it about ? Johanne, eternal single, will finally bring a boyfriend to her family for Christmas! Problem: she doesn’t! She lied. He then only has 24 days left to find him, willy-nilly … In season 2, his quest restarts a year later after a few fruitless attempts …

Like Dash & Lily, proposed a few weeks ago by Netflix, Home For Christmas is like a Christmas TV movie … but better and longer! In two six 30-minute episodes that binge with delight, the Norwegian series offers a nice change of scenery thanks to its snow-capped city settings, between Oslo and Røros, which change us from New York, London or Los Angeles, and which remind us of the village of Santa Claus. She relies on a heroine à la Bridget Jones, blundering and endearing, embodied to perfection by Ida Elise Broch, confusing natural.

With her resolutely modern and feminist approach, she takes us on rhythmic adventures to meet funny characters who ring true, whether they are Johanne’s suitors or members of her family and friends, who will not fail. to surprise you! Far from Hollywood clichés, the series does not seek to fit its heroine at all costs and tries to deliver a message not so often heard in fiction: you can be alone and be happy! We can even like it. And the concept of “soul mate” would then only be an illusion. Reassuring?

Never silly, often offbeat and completely uninhibited, this little treat is to be recommended especially to singles for whom the Christmas period is not always easy to live with. Impossible not to recognize yourself in Johanne! But the others should be able to find their account there too.

The trailer for season 2:

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