This 65-inch mini-LED 4K TV is over $250 off right now

Hisense U6H ULED 4K TV in the living room.

While the main events of October deal season are coming to an end, that doesn’t mean the deals are gone. Instead, it means that when we get deals we get deals with greater impact. Take this 65-inch Hisense Mini-LED QLED Google Smart TV. Normally it would be $800, but today you can save $252 and get it for just $548. This is one of the best 65-inch TV deals right now and you can check it out by tapping the button below. If you’re interested in what exactly a Mini-LED TV is and want to understand the technology better, keep reading.

Why you should buy the Hisense 65-inch Class U6 Series Mini-LED TV

One of the obvious decision points when deciding on this TV is whether you want a Mini-LED TV or not. But what is a Mini-LED TV anyway? no, they’re not small The TV, it’s still a 65-inch TV. At the simplest level, these are TVs with more LED lights in the backlighting, which means more well-defined contrast and greater pitch accuracy, both bright and dark. And, to quote the highly informative and technical-but-readable guide on Mini-LED and QLED technology, “Mini-LED TVs are, in every other respect, identical to standard QLED TVs.”

[To get a more completely picture of what mini-LED technology is and isn’t, the preceding articles cannot come more recommended.]

So all this means that your Hisense 65-inch Class U6 Series Mini-LED QLED Google Smart TV will, at the very least, come with great contrast zones. It has features like 4K resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, and Game Mode Plus, an auto low-latency mode (ALLM) that reduces lag when playing video games on your new Hisense. Filmmaker mode, especially for cinephiles, helps your TV reproduce the aspect ratio, color and framerate of movies by removing post-processing, helping you see exactly what they looked like after the original creation. How the film was made and compiled.

If all this sounds good to you, be sure to order your copy of the Hisense 65-inch Class U6 Series Mini-LED QLED Google Smart TV soon. It is available if you tap the button below. Otherwise, we recommend you check out these QLED TVs, whether mini-LED or not.

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