Hippocrates season 2: Thomas Lilti reacts to the unexpected death of a character

Hippocrates season 2: Thomas Lilti reacts to the unexpected death of a character

While season 2 of “Hippocrates” ends tonight on CANAL +, Thomas Lilti returned to his choice to kill one of his characters and the meaning of such a decision.

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the last episodes of Hippocrates. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Season 2 of Hippocrates ends tonight on CANAL + after two episodes rich in emotion, which will not leave fans of the series indifferent. A true tribute to the nursing staff, Thomas Lilti, creator of the series but also screenwriter of the eponymous film, has never been afraid to talk about sensitive subjects and the problems that hospitals encounter today.

While the first season had medical error as a common thread, for this season 2, the screenwriter chose to talk about the ill-being of caregivers through the character of Igor, this young emergency intern played by Théo Navarro-Mussy .

Following 72 hours without a break, Igor Jurozak forgets one of his patients, who will suffer a stroke and will be found unconscious by Arben (Karim Leklou). Exhausted, he has no memory of taking charge of the patient.

Gnawed by guilt, but also affected by the pressure placed on him and the fatigue he feels, he puts an end to his days in episode 7. An act that will have serious consequences, both on the service of emergencies, than on his colleagues, in particular Hugo, who was very close to the young man.

Asked by Allociné about this scriptwriting choice, Thomas Lilti explained that he had made the decision to kill Igor at the start of the writing of this season 2. “JI wanted to know why, in a care profession, we could suffer“, he told us.

Why do we suffer? Because we cannot do our job well, we do not have the right tools and we are in a situation of failure, when everything should be done so that, on the contrary, we can do well.

Denis Manin / June 31 Films / Canal +

Théo Mussy Navarro (Igor)

According to a study byIsni (InterSyndicale Nationale des Internes), a medical intern commits suicide every 18 days, it is three times higher than for the general population. Since January 1, 5 have ended their lives.

One in three interns has a depressive syndrome because of their internship and nine in 10 interns experience psychological harassment in their workplace. It must be said that the working conditions of these aspiring doctors do not help their mental health.

Thus, an intern in medicine works an average of 58 hours per week, to which we must add 2 to 3 on-call 24 hours a week … The Insni has also launched the #ProtegeTonInterne campaign in order to alert the government to this situation. is not worsened with the Covid crisis.

In this already tense situation, the slightest mistake or the slightest event can therefore have disastrous consequences. This is what Thomas Lilti tried to expose in Season 2 of Hippocrates.

I wanted to show how a small disaster leads to a bigger one. How a pipe which breaks out causes a disorganization of the internal medicine department which finds itself having to manage emergencies in bad conditions, which then causes the forgetfulness of a patient and finally leads to the death of an intern. And even if we recover from such a disaster, there is always something more serious to happen. In our case, it is the Covid crisis.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Hippocrates can be found in full on myCANAL.

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