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Season 2 of “Hippocrate” begins Monday April 5 at 9:05 pm on CANAL +. With more than two years between the two seasons, a little booster shot is needed.

After more than two years of waiting, Hippocrates finally returns to CANAL + this Monday, April 5 at 9:05 p.m. for its unprecedented season 2, which this time will see emergencies invade the internal medicine department in which our four heroes are located. But before plunging into this new burst of episodes, still scripted by Thomas Lilti, a little reminder.

In the first season of Hippocrates, we followed three inexperienced medical interns, Chloé (Louise Bourgoin), Alyson (Alice Belaïdi) and Hugo (Zacharie Chasseriaud), and a medical examiner, Arben (Karim Leklou), who alone had to manage the internal medicine department of a hospital in the Paris suburbs when the doctors in the internal medicine department found themselves confined to their homes for 48 hours following a mysterious epidemic.

Denis Manin / June 31 Films / Canal +

Chloé Antovska (Louise Bourgoin)

Over the course of the episodes, we learned a little more about these characters, and particularly about Chloe Antovska, who had had a heart operation but refused to rest despite the insistence of her spouse and her doctor.

In the last few episodes, she was uneasy and barely managed to be saved by Alyson. When he woke up, his friends discovered a diminished Chloe who was completely disconnected from reality, who no longer seemed to be in possession of her means. She was then transferred to a new hospital for reoperation.

Denis Manin / June 31 Films / Canal +

Arben Bascha (Karim Leklou)

Arben Bascha, for his part, was in a compromised situation. Nathalie Ferrand (Géraldine Nakache), the director of the hospital, who has an ambiguous relationship with the foreign doctor, discovered that the latter did not have a diploma.

He then saw himself forced to leave the hospital now that his secret had been discovered. However, in this season 2, the medical examiner will make his comeback after several months of absence. Did he manage to graduate?

Denis Manin / June 31 Films / Canal +

Hugo Wagner (Zacharie Chasseriaud) and Alyson Lévêque (Alice Belaïdi)

For Alyson and Hugo, the end of Season 1 was much less tragic. The first was consumed with guilt after the death of one of her patients due to negligence on her part, while the second had taken a liking to a premature baby abandoned by his mother.

But these two characters without much ambition will find themselves turned upside down by the arrival of emergencies in their internal medicine department. Alyson will discover a vocation, while Hugo will have difficulty adapting to his new rhythm of work.

Season 1 ofHippocrates is available in full on MyCANAL. Season 2, composed of 8 episodes, will be broadcast from Monday April 5 on CANAL +.

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