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Every Monday evening from 9:05 pm is broadcast on CANAL + season 2 of “Hippocrate”. Is the medical series, praised for its realism, shot in a real hospital?

On April 5, CANAL + launched the broadcast of season 2 of Hippocrates, a medical series that goes behind the scenes of the French hospital system. Created by Thomas Lilti, a former doctor who has now become a director and screenwriter, it stages four medical interns, who, for this new burst of episodes, will have to face the arrival of the emergency department in internal medicine.

With its larger-than-life settings, a question arises: Hippocrates is it shot in a real hospital?

The answer is yes. Since season 1, Thomas Lilti and his teams have taken over a disused wing of the Robert Ballanger intercommunal hospital center, which is located in Aulnay-Sous-Bois in 93 (Seine-Saint-Denis).

This choice thus reinforces the authentic side, since the decorations are those of a real hospital. The technical teams can also film the scenes without disturbing the hospital staff who work on the premises.

A proximity that was also beneficial for the plot, since the caregivers regularly make appearances on the screen, and camp the staff of the Raymond-Poincaré Hospital, an establishment in which our four characters practice. They even sometimes provide advice to actors to make medical procedures more authentic.

When fiction and reality meet

In March 2020, while the filming of season 2 ofHippocrates started several weeks ago, the announcement of what will be the first confinement is forcing teams to pause filming.

Thomas Lilti then decides to put on the gown again in order to lend a hand to the doctors at the hospital in which the series is shot. An event that greatly affected this season 2, whose writing of the last two episodes was still in progress at that time.

I wanted to infuse a little of what I had lived in the end of this season 2”, Confided Thomas Lilti to the microphone of Allociné. “Even if the season does not talk about the Covid, it is nourished and impacted by the crisis we are all going through. ”

The director also donated the medical equipment used for the series to hospital staff in order to deal with the shortage that arose at the start of the epidemic.

Watch episodes 5 and 6 of Hippocrates starting this Monday evening at 9:05 p.m. on CANAL +. The entire season 2 is available now on myCANAL.

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