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CANAL + launches this Monday evening season 2 of “Hippocrates” which will this time take place in an emergency department in crisis. Does this new burst of episodes live up to the first season?

A real phenomenon when it launched in November 2018, it took more than two years for the second season of Hippocrates to reach our antennae.

And for this new burst of episodes, broadcast from Monday April 5 on CANAL +, emergencies invade the internal medicine department in which Hugo (Zacharie Chasseriaud), Alyson (Alice Belaïdi), Arben (Karim Leklou) and Chloé (Louise Bourgoin). A change of scenery that will allow the series to tackle new issues.

It is true that with such a rich season 1, it could have been difficult for Thomas Lilti, the creator, to renew himself. And yet, by transporting the plot of this new season to the emergency room, he managed to rise to the challenge.

When emergencies land …

Big fan of the series Urgences, the ex-doctor turned director was inspired by it to write this new burst of episodes, thus offering to the action a much more sustained rhythm than in season 1. In emergencies, not the time to rest, everything is linked, the diagnoses must be fast and the doctors efficient.

This season 2 also offers a very interesting evolution of the characters. Alyson, discreet and not very confident in season 1, discovered a real ambition in the emergency room. Chloe, now disabled, will have to find a way to rebuild herself, while Hugo, put in the closet following a mistake, will feel on the margins of the group. Finally Arben, a very popular doctor in the first opus, will juggle with legality.

The two new arrivals, Igor Jurozak and Olivier Brun, also bring new life. For the first time, our four interns will have to respond to the orders of a charismatic head of department, camped by the Belgian actor Bouli Lanners, who manages emergencies with an iron fist, with the means at hand. As for the character of Igor Jurozak, played by Théo Navarro-Mussy, he brings a social dimension to the series by talking about the discomfort of interns.

Denis Manin / June 31 Films / Canal +

When emergencies take water …

A season still as current

The social dimension which is very important in the eyes of Thomas Lilti, a former doctor who left the profession to work in the cinema. This is what makes Hippocrates, and all of the director’s films, unique.

In this service, there are not enough resources. Doctors and nurses have to do with what they have. They are working overtime, are not paid for their work, are on call for more than 24 hours without any time to sleep …. And the young interns are the first to suffer from this doomed situation. failure.

Almost premonitory, this season in the emergency room undeniably reminds us of the reports we saw on television at the height of the covid, when doctors had to treat a still little-known disease without any equipment to protect themselves. Or, when they had to deal with the massive influx of patients without having the infrastructure to accommodate them.

Denis Manin / June 31 Films / Canal +

Zacharie Chasseriaud (Hugo Wagner), Anne Consigny (Muriel Wagner), Bouli Lanners (Olivier Brun) and Louise Bourgoin (Chloé Antovska)

Even though season 2 ofHippocrates only tackles the pandemic in its final minutes, it is impossible not to watch it thinking about what is happening to us today. Throughout this season, we see the beginnings of an announced shipwreck. The lack of resources, beds and materials have always been problems encountered in hospitals. The ex-doctor only put a spotlight on it.

In short, Thomas Lilti once again offers us an important season, which is not afraid to show reality in hospitals, thus delivering us a social series that is always so gripping and powerful.

Find season 2 ofHippocrates from Monday April 5 at 9:05 p.m. on CANAL +.

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