Henry Cavill’s Highlander Reboot Director Confirms Queen Songs Will Return: “Hardcore Yes”

Highlander Reboot Director Confirms Queen Songs Will Return


  • The director of the upcoming Highlander reboot, Chad Stahelski, confirms that it will feature the original movie’s Queen songs.
  • Stahelski hints that the Queen songs will be used in a different way than expected, raising questions about how they will be incorporated.
  • One possibility is that the movie could include a fight sequence at a Queen concert in the 1980s, honoring the original soundtrack while giving the music a fresh twist.

Chad Stahelski has confirmed the inclusion of the Queen original songs in his upcoming Scottisher Reboot starring Henry Cavill. The original film was made famous by several Queen songs, which were later released in 1986 on the album A Kind Of Magic. This album is often called an unofficial follow-up to the movie. The song “Princes of the Universe  was later used as the theme for the Highlander TV show.

Stahelski revealed his plans to TheWrap and said that Queen’s songs will be featured in his upcoming Highlanderreboot. However, there is a secret caveat. Stahelski hinted that ” the music from the original film will be returned in a way that you don’t expect,” but remained adamant about the Queen songs playing a part in the Cavill reboot. See his comments in the video below.

Highlander Reboot: Reusing the Original Soundtrack in a New Way

Stahelski’s comments raise some questions. While fans of the original Highlander film and soundtrack may be happy to hear that he has used Queen’s music, they also make one wonder how the songs might appear in the remake. Stahelski’s comment that Queen’s music would return in a completely unexpected way implies that the audience may not hear the original versions but instead will encounter the songs in a new form.

The original Highlandermovie featured six of the nine Queen tracks from the original A Kind of Magicalbum.

It remains to be determined whether Stahelski will seek out more contemporary bands to cover Queen songs, or include instrumental versions of Queen’s iconic riffs. Stahelski may also be looking to include some previously unknown Queen songs in his film, especially with Adam Lambert replacing the late Freddie Mercury. Fans who want to hear Mercury sing would be enraged by any of these scenarios.

The franchise is known for combining past with present-day stories. This could be the most interesting possibility. It’s possible that audiences could see Cavill fighting during the 80s, when Queen was at its peak of popularity. The idea of a fight scene breaking out during a Queen show in the 1980s is a great way to honor the original Scottishersoundtrack and give it a new spin.

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