High School Musical: The Disney + Music Series Playlist – News TV Series

High School Musical: The Disney + Music Series Playlist – News TV Series

Available on Disney +, “High School Musical: The Musical, the series” revisits and modernizes the many cult songs present in the original films. What plunge us back into nostalgia. Focus on the playlist for the TV show.

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When we think of High School Musical, we think above all of his two revelations, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, icons of a generation, who were, at the time, a couple on the screen as in life. We also think of the countless dance numbers improvised by the students, singing in choir, in the corridors of their high school. With High School Musical: the musical, the series, Disney + pays tribute to the first three feature films – all available on the platform – with an original angle. This time, the adventures of Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez are over, room for new characters studying at East High School, the establishment where the films were filmed. Let nostalgic spectators be reassured, it is, of course, once again a question of song and dance with, as a bonus, some surprises.

In the series, we find original songs, composed especially for the program, like All I Want, sung by actress Olivia Rodrigo, who plays the role of Nina, or Wondering, a title she performs with Julia Lester. Film music is also present in a new, more modern and rearranged form, such as We’re All In This Together, I Think I Kinda, You Know, or Breaking Free, sung in the first part, released in 2006, by Vanessa Hudgens and Drew Seeley. It was he who sang the parts of the character of Zac Efron in the first part, before the actor really lent his voice to the second opus.

The title All I Want, sung by Olivia Rodrigo and released as a single:

On April 16, to alleviate the anxiety-provoking atmosphere linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the American chain ABC proposed the program “The Disney Family Singalong”, in which several personalities sang several famous songs from the studio. The show was an opportunity to bring together the old and the new cast ofHigh School Musical to reinterpret together – all filmed with the means at hand – We’re All In This Together. What give back baume in the heart.

Performance during the show The Disney Family Singalong :

Check out the series playlist:

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