High School Musical on Disney +: all about season 3!

The Wildcats are making their comeback on Disney+. A new setting, new characters and distinguished guests: the 3rd season of the High School Musical series has many surprises in store for you and it is its stars who talk about it best!

After two seasons in the halls of East High, the Wildcats of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series are back for a 3rd burst of episodes this time…outdoors. From July 27, find Ricky, Nini, EJ, Gina and all their friends for the rest of their musical adventures on the platform Disney+. On this occasion, we were able to exchange with the stars of the series!

“This season you can expect a big change. We have a new setting, new characters… But also to the same thing: a lot of singing and dancing,” entrusts Frankie Rodriguez (Carlos). “Everyone can expect the unexpected. I don’t think anyone is ready for what this season has in store for them, so that’s really exciting!” adds Julia Lester (Ashlyn).


In this 3rd season, the heroes of the High School Musical series leave the corridors of East High School in Salt Lake City, to take the direction of Camp Shallow Lake, a Californian summer camp. A great regular at the place, EJ will make his comrades discover the joys of outdoor activities, night vigils, without forgetting the staging of a musical show of course: the success Snow Queen !

High School Musical on Disney all about season 3
Disney/Anne Marie Fox

This new filming location was particularly appreciated by the actors. “It was a very nice change. Whenever I had free time, I would lie on the grass, do yoga or even meditate. It was really relaxing and calming, and I think it rekindled a spark of passion for the show in all of us,” recount Joshua Bassett (ricky).

“Shooting outdoors was really fun, especially in sunny Los Angeles. It feeds your body with happiness and joy, at least for me. I feel like I can’t have a bad time sitting outside in the sun,” continues matt cornett (EJ).


At Camp Shallow Lake, the Wildcats meet new people, starting with Maddox (played by Saylor Bell), a friend of EJ’s who attends camp every year. “She works behind the scenes, she is a stage manager on the musical. She’s very confident and knows the camp well, so it’s interesting to see the Wildcats come in and shake things up a bit,” explains Julia Lester.

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Disney/Anne Marie Fox

The boys share their chalet with Jet, played by Adrian Lyles. “He’s a mysterious bad boy, hard to pin down. He doesn’t look like he wants to be there, but hopefully the Wildcats can help change his attitude,” reveals Frankie Rodriguez.

Fans of the series will also find with pleasure Sofia Wylie, Olivia Rodrigo, Dara Renee, Kate Reinders, Olivia Rose Keegan, Larry Saperstein and Joe Serafini. They will therefore be very well surrounded to sing songs from The Snow Queen, but also from the franchises. Camp Rock and High School Musicaland new original songs!


After a surprise visit from Lucas Grabeelwho camped Ryan Evans in the original trilogy, it is now the turn of another distinguished guest to come and meet EJ, Gina, Kourtney and the whole gang: Corbin Blueaka Chad Danforth in the saga.

A participation that obviously electrified the actors of the series, as Frankie Rodriguez tells us: “Oh my god, I tried not to bother him with too many questions about the original franchise, but he was so adorable and thrilled to be there!” Julia Lester also has excellent memories of this collaboration: “[Corbin] has been a strong supporter of our series since the very beginning. He is also one of the first people to have interviewed us even before the 1st season was broadcast. He is extremely kind, warm and welcoming, and he’s also one of the hardest working professionals on set.”

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Disney/Anne Marie Fox

Corbin Bleu isn’t the only guest to join the Wildcats this season, however. The team also welcomes Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family), the Youtube star JoJo Siwaas well as Jason Earlesunforgettable Jackson in the series Hannah Montanawho here plays the director of Camp Shallow Lake.

Discover all these new features in the 3rd season of the High School Musical series, broadcast weekly from Wednesday July 27 on Disney+.