Here’s How You Can Boost Your Plant Collection for Free by “Sneaking Cuttings”

Every one has had to find new and interesting hobbies during this whole stay-at-home situation, and for many folks, plants have been a fun answer.

They don’t carry viruses, they cheer up an indoor space, they clean the air, and in general, they seem to make people happier.

That said, like with most hobbies, collecting and caring for plants can get costly – unless you learn how to sneak cuttings from other places.

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Growing plants from cuttings – something as small as a single leaf – takes patience and a bit of a green thumb, but if you know people that are willing to let you poach, it could be a solution.

Or you know, you could steal some small cuttings from a public garden, store, or a neighbor.

Not that I would encourage that, but I mean…no one is going to miss a single leaf, least of all the plant. 😉

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If you do find yourself with a cutting to work with, all you have to do is Google its name plus “propagate from cuttings” and you should be able to find tons of information – and probably even videos – that show you how to grow it into a larger plant you can transfer to soil.

Not all plants thrive being grown this way, but many – like succulents and most herbs – will root nicely in water and transfer fairly easily.

Others might need a pinch of powdered rooting hormone, which is inexpensive and easy to find at your local garden store.

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Once you get hooked on this additional “method” of building your indoor and outdoor garden, you’ll start to notice plants everywhere that are free for the snipping, and you’ll get an eye for those that look as if they’re hardy enough to survive the growing process.

Have fun, and if you get caught, definitely don’t tell them who sent you.

Have you ever taken a snip here or there?

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