Here’s How to Reset Your Ring Video Doorbell

The latest Ring Video Doorbells offer an excellent pairing of motion sensors with audio and visual communication — a variety of battery options for multiple placement choices. But sometimes, the Ring Doorbell can start acting oddly, like dropping connections or freezing during setup. One common solution for these troubles is to perform a full reset of your Ring Doorbell (also useful for preparing a Ring device for resale). Our guide will show you exactly how to do this.

Step 1: Know what Ring Doorbell model you have

The ring website showing different video doorbell models.

Every Ring Doorbell line works a little differently, so it’s important to first find out what Doorbell model you have. While they’re all shaped a little differently, they tend to look similar, so it can be difficult to tell at a glance. Instead, look for the product number information on the back of the Doorbell, or log into your Ring app to see what model the Doorbell is listed as.

Step 2: Find your Setup Mode button

The orange button on the first ring doorbell.

Now that you know what kind of Ring Doorbell you have, it’s time to locate the Setup Mode button, which can also be used to fully reset the device. Before you do this, it’s a good idea to make sure the Ring Doorbell’s battery (some models have wired modes, but most offer a battery option) is fully charged for the work ahead. Now, locate the button based on what model you have:

Ring Video Doorbell (standard versions): Flip the Doorbell over and look for an orange button on the back of the model

Ring Video Doorbell 2 models: Look for the small black button on the front of the Doorbell.

Ring Video Doorbell 3/3 Plus models: Look for a small black button on the front of the Doorbell.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro models: Take a look at the right side of the Doorbell Pro. You should see a small button there that you can press.

Ring Video Doorbell Elite models: First, remove the faceplate on the front of the Elite. Then look for a small black button on the upper-right section of the Doorbell, facing forward.

Step 3: Reset using the Setup Mode button

The setup mode button on the ring video doorbell 3.

Now that you’ve found the Setup Mode button, it’s time to reset it. Press and hold the Setup Mode button for a full 20 seconds. Some models reset at 20 seconds, some at 15, some at 30 — if your model doesn’t reset after 20 seconds, try again for a full 30 seconds.

Your Ring Doorbell’s LED indicator may start spinning while you are holding down the button. This is fine. After you release the Setup Mode button, the Ring Doorbell will flash several times to indicate that it is resetting. If it does not flash, you did not initiate the reset process and will need to try again.

After the Ring Doorbell flashes, wait for at least a minute before you try to use it again. This gives the Doorbell time to fully reset.

Step 4: Set up the Ring Video Doorbell again

A woman setting up a ring doorbell.

If you are resetting your Ring Doorbell to try and fix a product issue or connection problem, you will now need to set it up again. To begin, press the Setup Mode button once and immediately release it — you don’t want the Doorbell thinking you are trying to reset it again.

The Doorbell will now enter Setup Mode, where it creates a small Wi-Fi hotspot. Its front light will start spinning when this happens. If you set up your Ring Doorbell before, this will all be familiar to you, but you will need to go into your Ring app to connect to this hotspot so the app can guide the Doorbell over to your home Wi-Fi and complete the setup.

You can run through this reset procedure as many times as you need, but it’s not the only solution to Ring Doorbell problems. Remember, sometimes connection problems can be caused by being too far away from your Wi-Fi network or using a dying/malfunctioning battery on your Ring device. If resetting doesn’t work, it’s a good idea to explore other options.

Final suggestion

If you are planning on giving away or reselling your Ring Doorbell, don’t forget to head into your Ring app, select your Doorbell, and head to Settings. Here, you will find an option to Remove Device, which will ensure the app will forget the model so it can be safely used elsewhere.

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