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In the next episode of “Here everything begins”, the pressure mounts for Salomé, while Charlène reaps the laurels at Double A. For their part, Antoine and Rose are going through a serious crisis.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Friday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, February 10 in Here it all begins…

Gaëtan makes an appointment with Salomé at the Marais Salants roommate to talk to her about what Louis told her the day before. He then confesses to having surprised Charlène and Thomas together at a café. He therefore assumes that they are in cahoots and that Thomas stole Salomé’s recipe book, either to sabotage her project, or to keep her away from him, out of jealousy.

Salomé therefore goes directly to see Thomas at the Atelier to question him, specifying that she has been trying to reach him all morning. Her boyfriend replies that he forgot his cell phone at home. Salomé tells her what Gaëtan has just told her and asks her if it has something to do with the theft of her recipes. At the same time, Charlène returns to the Atelier. Thomas asks her to explain to Salomé the reason why they saw each other. Charlene states that Thomas simply asked her to leave her alone. Salomé feels a bit silly, while Thomas accuses Gaëtan of bullying her into breaking up.

After which, Salomé explains to Gaëtan the real reason why Thomas and Charlène saw each other. But the sports coach does not believe it for a second because the message that Louis saw required discretion. He suspects Thomas and Charlene of having agreed on a lie, which ends up upsetting Salomé. She defends her boyfriend and prefers to stop there with Gaëtan, whom she accuses of jealousy.

At the Atelier, the Master’s students cook Charlène’s menu for Double A regulars. After going around the tables, Fayet and Rose tell Charlène that the customers are delighted and that her menu is a success. They officially present the young chef to the customers who applaud her, while Salomé is chomping at the bit.

Later, Salomé finds Thomas in the park of the Institute. He asks her where she is in her thoughts about her proposal to set up a restaurant together. Salomé allows herself to be convinced to try the adventure.

Meanwhile, Gaëtan enlists Anaïs’ help to prove to Salomé that Thomas hit her in the back. He’s thinking of breaking into his house to get hold of his cell phone, which he forgot this morning. But Anaïs thinks it’s a very bad idea.

If Gaëtan promises him not to do it, he still goes alone to Thomas and manages to get inside. He finds Thomas’ laptop but can’t unlock it. While rummaging through the living room, Gaëtan comes across an accessible tablet. In the photo gallery, he finds snapshots of Salomé’s recipes. Hearing a noise, Gaëtan hides in an adjacent room with the tablet. Despite himself, he witnesses the return of Salomé and Thomas to their home, as they begin to make love on the sofa…

In order to ease the tensions within the household, Rose offers to open the discussion with Antoine and Souleymane. In particular, she explains to her stepson the reasons why he cannot become a teacher, but she stresses that it is simply a matter of time. Very disappointed, Souleymane almost regrets not having accepted Chef Meyer’s proposal.

Alone with her husband, Rose asks him for help to justify her decision to Souleymane the next time. Except that Antoine still does not understand his decision and simply believes that Souleymane has been disadvantaged because he is not part of the Armand clan.

Later, during a meeting, Rose announces that she will be able to bring Chief Takuma from Osaka as a speaker for the Master’s students. Antoine replies that the costs of such an intervention do not fit into the budget of the Master’s which he has taken the time to study. Teyssier ends up deciding in favor of Antoine.

In the park, Rose criticizes Antoine for depriving his students of a good speaker solely out of revenge. However, she tries to assure him that she never wanted to disadvantage Souleymane, whom she loves like her son. But Antoine points out that if she really considered him as such then she would have supported him.

Rose then finds her sister in the office and confides her problems with Antoine to her. Souleymane interrupts them to have a word with his mother-in-law. After reflection, the young man understands his decision and prefers to let it go to avoid it causing too many arguments. Clotilde therefore reassures her sister, who hopes that things will work out with Antoine.

Up since 6am to make their Montansier, the Third Years present their plate to Landiras. After tasting them, they all praise them. He then tells them the job for the day: a Belle-Hélène pear with vanilla chestnuts to be prepared in four hours. However, Lionel asks for a five-minute break before getting started. Landiras grants them, specifying that these five minutes will be deducted from their working time. All the students go outside anyway.

So much so that when they present their plate of Belle-Hélène pear, they keep justifying themselves by saying that they ran out of time for certain details. Landiras nevertheless tastes their pastry, without making any comment. He then asks them to come out of the kitchens.

Landiras summons Teyssier to present him the Belle-Hélène pears from the Third Years. The director of the Institute is appalled by the low level of the plates. Landiras admits that his students are no longer sufficiently motivated, in particular because they think more about their projects after their studies. He therefore asks Teyssier to reframe them.

Teyssier gathers the Third Years in the kitchen to inform them that he has decided to bring forward the date of their first exam to in a fortnight. He adds that students who do not have the average in this first exam will be fired from the Institute.

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