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In the next episode of “Here everything begins”, Teyssier discovers the truth while the brigades redouble their efforts before the start of the competition. Between choice of career or reason, Jasmine hesitates.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, January 8 in Here it all begins…

After his illness, Teyssier spent the weekend in the hospital. Constance suspects an attack of sclerosis, but the doctor admits to needing additional examinations. However, Teyssier does not want to stay another minute in the hospital and goes home, against medical advice.

Meanwhile, Hortense and Tom doubt their boss’s return for the Championship. The young clerk however tried to hear from him at the hospital, in vain. Hortense suspects him of having felt guilty following his remarks – when he wished Teyssier dead after his humiliation. The two students are therefore surprised to see that Teyssier returns to work as planned.

In the kitchen, Teyssier continues to make them work on roasted langoustines with citrus fruits. He is just as tyrannical as usual. Tom regrets having had compassion for him.

Théo and Charlène visit their father in the kitchen to try to make him listen to reason and encourage him to rest. In vain. Clotilde, who agrees with them, orders Teyssier to come and see her if there is a problem.

For their part, Ferigno and Theo train with their own clerks. Ferigno notices that Charlene is not efficient enough. The young girl admits to having her head elsewhere because of her father’s health problems. Ferigno pretends to have compassion for her, then asks Enzo to keep an eye on her to avoid her planting them during the Championship.

Vic and Kelly, on the other hand, do not feel at all up to par with the other teams. Theo is there to remind them of their merit and their qualities, which gives them renewed self-confidence. Vic is particularly admiring of her boyfriend, who manages to stay focused on the competition despite his concern for his father.

Later, in the park of the Institute, Mehdi tells Vic that Ferigno offered to put his signature dessert on the menu of his restaurant. To celebrate this good news, Mehdi and Vic engage in an improvised dance of joy. Seeing them together, Hortense can’t help interrupting them to find out what they’re talking about. Mehdi puts her back in place, believing that she has no reason to be jealous, especially after her sabotage during the selections.

In the evening, Charlène, Théo and Axel gather around Emmanuel to take care of him. He then receives a call from the doctor. By hanging up, he assures the children that he has nothing serious, simply a deficiency in white blood cells.

But as soon as she finds herself alone with her husband, Constance, who knows him only too well, pushes him to tell her the truth. Emmanuel admits that he was the victim of an attempted poisoning because he ingested foxglove, a toxic flower…

At the roommate, Ambre reconciles with Salomé, admiring what she did with Anaïs during the clerk selection tests. Deva is delighted that a good understanding finally reigns between all the girls of the roommate. She proposes to celebrate it with a girls’ night out the same evening.

Later, David, Gaetan and Livio propose to Ambre to organize a raclette party at the roommate. The young girl explains to them that she already has plans with Salomé and Deva. They will notably watch the movie Magic Mike, about strippers. However, David has an idea behind his head to successfully embed himself in their evening…

In the evening, while the girls are watching the film, the boys enter the living room in costume with a speaker. They start the music, performing a choreography, where they take off their clothes little by little. Gaetan goes so far as to find himself in his underpants to attract Salomé’s attention.

After their little number, the girls are hilarious. They agree to continue the evening with them, except Salomé, who leaves to join Thomas. David and Deva, meanwhile, slip away. If Gaetan is particularly disappointed with Salomé’s departure, he stays to party with Livio and Ambre.

For the Double A vegan day, Jude offers a menu idea to chef Listrac. As a starter, he created a vegetable caviar of dried seaweed and tapioca pearls. As a main course, he plans to go with sweet potato gnocchi with pesto sauce. And for dessert, a chocolate with dates and peanuts. Chief Listrac congratulates him. However, she is not sure of the association between the sweet potato gnocchi and the pesto sauce. Jude doesn’t have many ideas for replacing her, especially since he also has to think about the rest of the Double A card before the service starts. Chef Listrac then suggests that he seek the help of Jasmine, an expert in vegetable cooking.

Jude therefore recruits the young girl to join his brigade during the service. She decides to replace the pesto sauce with a radish top sauce. Even if he doesn’t have time to validate it, Jude trusts him and sends the dish to the dining room. Moreover, he can count on Jasmine’s responsiveness to the other members of the brigade.

At the end of the service, Jude congratulates the members of his brigade. They had very positive feedback in the dining room, especially on the radish top sauce. Jude has had time to taste it and confirms to Jasmine that it was a great idea. He therefore wishes to have her as a second in the Double A. Jasmine is very flattered, but she informs Jude that she usually does not cook meat or fish. Jude, however, suggests that he take the time to think about it.

Jasmine talks about it with Axel. She admits that this job offer is very interesting, but as it does not match her personal convictions, she still intends to refuse it.

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