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In the next episode of “Here it all begins”, Vic attempts to recruit a new member to the Circle. For her part, Deva is surprised by David’s initiative. In the kitchen, Zacharie confuses his students.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Thursday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, January 5 in Here it all begins…

Lionel tells Hortense and Mehdi that he got into a fight with Kelly because of their very competitive spirit in relation to the new rules of the tests. Mehdi and Hortense say they will be very happy for each other, no matter who wins.

Meanwhile, Ferigno makes it clear to Clotilde that he doesn’t appreciate her methods. She then understands that Teyssier manipulated her to serve his interests. She threatens to kick him out of the Championship if he continues.

Shortly after, Ferigno puts pressure on Vic to recruit Mehdi into the Circle. He flaunts his influence by calling the most starred chef in Nice whom he had recommended to take Vic on an internship. During his phone call, he states that Vic isn’t as reliable as he thought. After hanging up, he suggests the girl rise to the occasion.

Vic takes advantage of meeting Mehdi at the studio to talk to him about the Circle and the possibility of recruiting him among the members. The only condition is not to tell anyone, including Hortense. Mehdi then declares that it is impossible because there is no secret in their couple.

For their part, Salomé and Anaïs pass the second test of the selections at the Atelier. They take out an identical dish in protest of the strategy of the chefs to want to pit the students against each other.

Then comes the turn of Ethan and Vic. The young man is under pressure because of his mother and completely loses his means, unlike his partner who brings out a sweet dish around the coral lentil. After tasting, the chefs agree that Ethan’s dish is good, but its dressing is sloppy, while Vic’s dish is both impeccably dressed, delicious and balanced.

Very proud of her, Vic shares the good news with Mehdi and Hortense. This turns out to be more and more defeatist. She is certain that her boyfriend will succeed, as well as her sister, of whom she is jealous again.

During the ordeal, Hortense notices that Mehdi is a hit. He actually receives encouragement from the leaders. The young girl panics all the more when chef Meyer points out that her own dish does not highlight the lentil enough. Teyssier advises him not to have any illusions. In tears, Hortense sabotages her boyfriend’s dish when his back is turned…

After spending the night together, David and Deva wake up, very complicit.

Later, at Double A, Inesta confides in Deva that Esteban’s babysitter has just canceled when he is invited to Montélimar with Anaïs to meet the best mixologist in Europe. Deva offers to keep her son, which the professor accepts.

David, who knows, goes to Inesta while Deva guards Esteban and crashes. While Deva prepares a galette des rois, David tells Esteban a story with his toys. This is a metaphor for his relationship with Deva and the recognition he feels towards her.

At the same time, Deva receives a message from Inesta, who informs him that he and Anaïs will not be returning until the next morning. So David insists on spending the night with his girlfriend at his house.

Chef Landiras asks his students to make a galette des rois in the pure tradition with the basic ingredients. At the end of the lesson, he notably congratulates Axel, but he is especially amazed by Jasmine. The chef then announces that he is in charge of the Institute’s galette this year and that this course was a way of testing the students to propose a revisit and put it on the Double A menu. Jasmine is therefore chosen. Axel is very proud of her.

At the studio, Jasmine finds Eliott, who himself is working on a galette des rois for his food truck. It started with a filling of ground almonds, calisson cream, orange blossom and crushed almonds. Jasmine, meanwhile, struggles to come up with a convincing idea for her cake.

A little later, Axel comes to support his girlfriend at the studio. Embarrassed, she admits that she hasn’t found anything interesting. Chef Landiras arrives and mistakes Eliott’s galette for Jasmine’s. Before she has time to say anything, he tastes her and, as he finds her perfect, asks her to put her on the menu of the Institute the next day. Jasmine explains to her boyfriend that Chef Landiras just got it wrong.

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